Yes, the steam version is patched to 1. I’m a try this once I finish my build It may have great handling, but its still slow, thats the problem with gta 4 vehicles, they are slow! I only tested the game on the dvd version No way, that mod is just for the gta sa

grand theft auto icenhancer 2.5

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Forget GTA V, GTA IV iCEnhancer Beta is the real Graphical Beast

Juli um The game looks so much better – but I’ve been looking to make it even better. I only tested the game on the dvd version I can’t think of what your problem could be. I may wait till v2.

Modified handling makes the car clock I have a question Should I swap the airport cars with special vehicles and stuff? Plus Icenhancer runs like complete crap ttheft your version stays above 25fps most of the time, which I think is playable considering GTA IV cruises between fps for me stock.

iCEnhancer 2.1 Final

I’ve tried using icenhancer but it runs at like 15fps and doesn’t look near as good as all the screenshots and videos I see of it. That’s why fewer very highly detailed models that take up less disk space will still hit set off taxi bug.


grand theft auto icenhancer 2.5

That could be part of it. For hahas I reinstalled and actually got ICE to load!

iCEnhancer pitch black without light source? :: Grand Theft Auto IV Allgemeine Diskussionen

But Ive tryed the mod pack myself, of course I updated the game to 1. In these next few days Ill try and release the 2. Ill try harder this time. Do you mean that it’s just too dark to play?

Icenhance a great game to mod!

That and the Sultan RS are the only things I drive. Day-time is fine and not too bright but at night, I can’t even see the character if I stray away from augo lights.

Gta iv icenhancer 2.5 beta

Definitely the one in your pack. Sounds really nice, do you have an approximate ETA on 2.

grand theft auto icenhancer 2.5

The handlings are basically the same for the two bikes becaus i could only find one handling that is realistic enough Does this version work with the 1.

That ends up being a fart in the wind What I mean is that GTA V is coming out, and I posted this mod a bit late, considering the new release I need to scoop up a dvd or amazon copy of this. Are you asking if the vehicles located only inside the airport should be pimped? Yep exactly, the higher polygon models just chew through the RAM limit in seconds.


The handling on that bike great. While Im still working on the hole mod And no, its no entirely fixed, because a lot of taxis still appear, and one or two modded cars Do you know the vehicles. I have to upload it via torrent. And Ill think of more changes to put in game Ill probably keep on releasing this mod pack for a while Yeah!

For example, the airbrakes no the aventador are working now! Is there any way to ‘import’ the Sprunk! Also the physics of the NRG are pretty wonky.