He makes some interesting suggestions near the end that he actually pulled off via his son Ian Brzezinski who served as an Adviser to Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. This is a unique book. Sep 01, Iver rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wouldn’t we likewise be better off with lower spending for military commitments to others? Not Dick Cheney scary, but scary nonetheless. Everyone who is interested in politics.

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Although Brzezinski wrote this book in ’97, it remains relevant for understanding our immediate history. Refresh and try again. In fact, the very opposite is truth. He is a theorist of striking ingenuity.

The Grand Chessboard – Wikiquote

zbitniew Brzezinski is not at all reticent in his explication of the foreign policies of American empire since the end of World War I, when the U. There have been titanic powers all throughout history, but for the first time and hopefully the last, Brzezinski argues there is a global superpower. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He’s still an insightful and influential thinker on the subject. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But unfortunately the games our author proposes to play put at risk the lives of millions of Americans.

His style is concise and dry, resembling a high-level summary. I wasn’t aware of these grand chessboard zbigniew brzezinski concerns, so these were probably the books’s most interesting pages for me.

Although the Chinese rate of economic growth has been of late spectacular, there is little reason to grand chessboard zbigniew brzezinski this to continue. But we have now gone beyond Mackinder.


Three-quarters of a century of Communist rule had inflicted unprecedented biological damage on the Russian people” p. So the plan was that you take two “gateway” islands on either cjessboard of Eurasia and work your way in.

It was in Europe that the book’s vision began to totter under the weight of those 20 years. The claim that America is only doing this to keep itself in a privileged position is true but trivial: The book recommends bdzezinski goals for three regions, where the author believes is necessary for the US to have a presence in to maintain its primacy for as long as possible.

Can we really maintain that the grznd are at war in the Middle East for the sake of its people, and the abstract ideal of “democracy”?

Mises Review

Of the two countries trying today, Russia and China, the former is paying a heavy price, while the latter is playing a grand chessboard zbigniew brzezinski game of sometimes-join-and-sometimes-not, with mixed results.

But what of China? As the twentieth century draws to a close, the United States has emerged as the world’s only superpower: Department of energy anticipate that world demand will rise by more than 50 percent between andwith the most significant increase in consumption occurring in the Far East. I find it fascinating, but not at all surprising, that he would view the world as a game of chess.

When the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur interviewed Brzezinski inhe admitted that while he was national security advisor, he played a major role in setting the Afghanistan trap for the Soviet Union to get bogged down in a war. One strongly suspects that for our author, the pursuit of global power is its own justification.


The Grand Chessboard – Wikipedia

I highly recommend this book because it helps and gives you great insight in how to understand in chessboard more expanded perception in today’s world affairs, especially if you want to understand the current situation in Ukraine. Pages to import images to Wikidata Use dmy dates from February All stub articles.

His general path outlined for America in Asia might still be applicable, but events in other regions of Eurasia don’t match his vision. Nov 09, Ahmed brzeezinski it it was amazing Shelves: America, he says, has a 20 to 30 year window of opportunity grand chessboard zbigniew brzezinski assert control of the world stage, specifically through the strateg This is the most coherent, eloquently written overview of the geopolitical and socioeconomic state of the world.

That the vast power structure of the United Brzzezinski military apparatus, with its attendant logistics and support, representing a million and a half personnel should be brought to bear out of a selfless allegiance to grand chessboard zbigniew brzezinski, at great cost to its nation?

The issues that confront us are no longer land or sea power. Thus, his particular agenda did not get in the way brzezinwki my learning about the considerations that shape the “grand chessboard” of global hegemony.