Other notable songs include Llead single “Forgotten Arrows. The first four songs serve as a summary of Tibetan culture and philosophy, mainly the no-violence aspect of it and the culture’s isolation. As I sit here with my double gatefold vinyl in hand, I am completely and utterly satisfied and fully recognize this work of genius. An Interview with Luc Lemay of Gorguts”. Longstreth’s drum display is perfectly crafted to fit the Gorguts sound and could not have been executed any better. The untrained ear will dismiss all three as “sonic orgies”, dissonant primordial soup with no backbone for the music to adhere to. When we work on arrangements together, we can go into very micro-detail, like in doing composition on a sheet of paper, and we can understand each other’s minds and very specific ideas in words by using an academic vocabulary.

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In this regard, clored were again successful, adding another excellent release to their already strong discography. The songs have a lot of padding and really say nothing at the end of the day. Which is what I’d imagine Gorguts colored sands would sound like had it been imagined in the Renaissance.

If you were looking for the lyrics to match the music, look elsewhere.

Gorguts – Colored Sands Review

The production is spot on, massive and crushing. It certainly registers as excellent and worthy of the band’s previous discography. This is also one of the few albums gorguts colored sands I can’t complain about the bass at least not that much.

One of these two we’ll keep their name quiet here to retain the integrity of their past glory gorguts colored sands forces of death metal legend has released three offerings since then, and sadly, save for a few tracks, really disappointed me as a whole. The title track contains one of the most grave and serious main riffs that this listener has heard in a long time. There is a lot that has happened since March 6ththe date of the last full length from the band. As a whole comprehensive package, “Colored Sands” is certainly worthy of the Gorguts tag, although it’s far from the timeless ingenuity of “The Erosion of Sanity” or “Obscura.


Colored Sands – Wikipedia

That isn’t the most exciting choice, but it works well enough. Though otherwise, the album as a whole gorguts colored sands to deliver the promise that over a decade in hiatus would have one expect. Album ReviewsMetalNew Albums. It bears similarities to the string works of Dmitri Schostakovich from whom Lemay stated inspirationhis 8th string quartet in particular. I just want to take some time to write about the instrumental, The Battle of Chamdo.

The opening “Le Toit Du Gorguts colored sands jumps right down into the disjointed instrumentation and colred intensity as if Sand had been around for the last decade; the atmosphere and color are both amazingly familiar. Yes, after twelve years of silence an EP by a surrogate band, Negativa, notwithstandingthe indisputable masters of death metal confusion have returned, and have a few things to say to the latter generations of avant-garde extreme metal, especially those who make fond use of dissonance and can be best described as “deliciously entangled”.

But that’s just my preference and there is still plenty of that on here.

Gorguts, ‘Colored Sands’ – Album Review

Retrieved 4 January I could never figure out a way to make them work efficiently. Home Gear Factor Lists. Not just show off how quickly they can run a fretboard or kit. Sonically, these four songs have a lot in common, not venturing too far from the new Gorguts formula. A juggernaut of death metal in limbo and now once again active? Therefore, the production is an gorguts colored sands of detail and care, but feels somewhat removed and quiet with the surprising lack of clutter. With this one, it breathes more”.


This is a step down from previous Gorguts material’s aspirations toward being seen as artistic statements and reducing any potential found here to being what could be expected from metal, reverting to the ghetto that the genre’s song writing was outside of Gorguts and Immolation in And Luc Lemay spent most of his life studying how to balance these two polar opposites, from listening to modernist composers like Dmitri Schostakovich to applying and graduating from a conservatory, the guy loves his music.

However, Omega’s gorguts colored sands works are of an absolutely stunning and shocking power, which isn’t always the case here. Streaming and Download help. Thank you for the powerful music!

This became particularly evident watching Gorguts perform the entire album live. The record specifically sounds like a continuation of the instrumentation of “From Wisdom to Hate,” which was more concrete than coloeed tornado of music found on “Obscura. This giant of a song was crafted by Kevin Hufnagel.