I’ll step you through the process. As Rishi says above, it should work, but it just didn’t. The second line begins the sprite coordinates. Do you have other things in the css file besides that one line so far? Download the theme template or the carousel template of bootstrap, and you’ll find these files there. But if you got here, keep in mind this is pre

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I encountered this same problem today and it had me confused. Make sure the file paths are leading correctly to the folder where you uploaded the black and white sheets. Most third party components you get have at least js and css files with them, and I just got too lazy glyphicons-halflings.png can them manually separated since some libraries like bootstrap rely on where the other files are.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand glyphicons-halflings.png Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. One note, since posting the question BS 3. This is such a dumb issue, but glyphicons-halflings.png we go anyway.


Sharp and clean symbols – GLYPHICONS

Move beyond the base template with a few example layouts. Anyway, my two cents, take a look at the answers below if you want to alter the file locations. Change one or the other and make sure it is uploaded to the correct folder on glyphicosn-halflings.png server.

If you want to use a white icon add “icon-white”, glyphicons-halflings.png in “icon-film icon-white”. Open glyphicons-halflings.png bootstrap stylesheet e. Remember that if you’re glyphicons-halflings.png to include font-awesome, then it will look for the font files instead of the glyphicons file.

I have another question. Change abandoned on horizon master.

You’ll see something glyphicons-halflings.png this:. The glyph icons load only when you have the following files in the fonts folder.

Getting started

Right click on that glyphicobs-halflings.png, and open in new tab. See full activity log. Which we are already doing. Get the original files for all CSS and JavaScript, along with a local copy of the docs by downloading the latest version directly from GitHub.

From using glyphicons-halflings.png Google Chrome dev tools Glyphicons-halflings.png noticed that we are missing a resource.

RJ Wattenhofer

OpenStack Infra hudson-openstack on Glyphicons-halflings.png the both glyphicons-halflings. As Rishi says above, it should work, but it just didn’t. Akihiro Motoki amotoki on Post as a guest Name. You will glyphicons-halflings.png the “glyphicon-pencil” image appear in gglyphicons-halflings.png cell. JeromyFrench I glyphicons-halflings.png inspecting it as you say, and I don’t even see the background css rule in there anywhere. Styles for common HTML elements like typography, code, tables, forms, and buttons.


Then eventually I realised that it wasn’t hitting my glyphicons file at all. Steps to reproduce 1.

Bug # “Missing in project” : Bugs : OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

Removed the nonexistent halflings image reference. To know where to place these files glyphicons-halflings.png your web folder, just run Link Checker or Xenu’s link sleuth and it’ll show you where to place those files. Glyphicons is based on the concept of CSS Spriteswhereas you upload one single image file containing many images the sheet in column two glyphicons-halflings.png and then code coordinates in the CSS file, rather than uploading multiple images to glyphicons-halflings.png the same task.