Rated at the Linux Game Tome. I had recently discovered a website devoted to linux games called The Linux Game Tome. But you can see from my last post that the issue is easy to fix. And his C code was very pretty. Here is the latest OS X build: It’s a mutual failure. I claimed that the quotation was ‘inflammatory’ mostly to justify my ‘harsh’ response of pointing out two flaws in Armagetron’s renderer you have to admit, the screenshots make it look quite shitty , which made me feel better again.

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Or more exactly, by all 0. People started contributing small patches.

Yeah, ok, so it uses global variables. I’ll help getting you started, but familiarity with Visual Studio is a must. Hopefully to the vsync of your monitor otherwise you’ll get tearing.

The glTron Screenshots page

Modifying geometry is costly though: Sadly, if I finish the work on the sound engine and the embedded webserver before school lets out in May, I’ll consider myself overly productive. The screenshot would have been even more embarassing if I had some control over the camera somehow, I can see no correlation between mouse and camera movements, even when I set the camera mode to ‘free’.

Arbitratry amounts of opponents, you can play against 20 Ais or more Differently shaped arenas. The floor is only a rectangle, not really costy to modify. Rated at the Linux Game Tome. It’s a mutual failure. I’d guess it gltron 0.71 not hurt popularity if gltron and armagetronad used a compatible skin system at least for cycles etc. Arbitratry amounts of opponents, you can play against 20 Ais or more Differently shaped arenas. I have no problem admitting that from gltron 0.71 angles armagetron looks pretty bad.


Our current group of players is definitely very interested in playing the game rather than gltron 0.71 at shiny things. Wed Dec 21, 5: I think I made my first attempt before my first attempt to run Armagetron. The halo effect you’ve got looks really nice too, very impressive!

On the relationship of the players to the developers a real comparison, emphasis mine: In fact, if you were interested gltron 0.71 working collaboratively to incorporate data structures and features that are compatible with ours, there is actually room for us to work together there. It’s basically a series of calls to a few functions that pull out the game data from some global variables, and draw stuff to the screen. If you run linux or win32, grab the beta from July from Linux: After that, nothing happened.

I like Linux in large part because there was a great deal of focus on building a solid core gltron 0.71, then building the next stuff, then the next.

GLtron free download

gltron 0.71 The mirror effect, whatever else you might have to say about it, is there, and if it weren’t for the extreme level of configuration in the renderer, the flaws you exposed wouldn’t be exposed.

They’d be safely hidden. No doubt if we were having this conversation over a couple of beers we’d be having a great time. I could go in gltron 0.71 through your post and say “Yeah, I agree with that”. I agree that the smart cam is doing ok if you just play the game, but it doesn’t do much to ‘show off’ the looks of the game. Also, my main issue with gltron 0.71 camera controls were that I had a hard time getting the camera where I wanted it so I could take nice screenshots which, admittedly, is not very relevant to the gaming experience but very important if you want to tweak the appearance.


In short, by providing numerous ways to tweak the rendering engine, it’s possible to get a playable gltron 0.71 on very old machines that GLTron probably doesn’t run on based on how poorly it ran on my fairly modern machine and still scale up to a modern machine with effects to match.

Users browsing this forum: I got a few comments by E-Mail, and generally people thought that it was nice for such a small download, but probably a bit too simple. Ok, I hadn’t had much time to go over the armagetron code yet, so let’s get the discussion going, and pick up Lucifer’s flamebait: