Various productions – 02 starring Wilfred Clarke, John L. The original London production directed by Robert Kidd. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Lyrics by Arthur Guiterman. If anything, she finds them even more repellent than you do.

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Music and lyrics by Saundra Sharp.

Directed by Ivan Rider. Originally produced by James B.

Directed by Halsted Welles. Your mother had him installed through a hole in the roof with a heavy-duty crane. You always forget to save your place in the story.

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Book by Peter Flannery. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch and Harry Holbrook. Edeson, Julia Stewart, William S. Choreographed by Edward Caton.

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Music by Walter Kent. You figure as long as you’re chilling at your computer you might as well see how that new MSPA story is going. Book by John Pielmeier.


You’ve got a city to govern with a carapaced fist! You were never so embarrassed in your life.

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She Walked In Her Sleep: This means nothing to you. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. It probably won’t last long in this heat anyway. You figure you might as well give it a chance though. The daunting volume is considerably lighter than it once was. Directed by Edward Duryea Dowling.

Music by Harry Revel.

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The red light switches off. So This Is London! You totally abjure the hell out of that idea.

The peanut gallery over there sure is getting a kick out of it. No hilarious clown wallpapers or anything like killlacat. O’ Byrne Co-star of television’s “Brotherhood” ,etc.

You aren’t totally sure if “EQUIP” is a verb copasetic with the abstract behavioral medium in which you gioman e killacat block notes, but you give it a try anyway. Could these items have come in the mail? You don’t see how you can access the item giioman, or store a new item there for that matter.


Song Of Bernadette, The: You know this drill all too well. The fire in the forest burns so hot, not even the rain is putting it out! Cruxite and black goo. Richardson, Ada Morton, etc.