She does not speak but she writes His favourite songs themes were Bucharest, women and drinking, although he was never a heavy drinker. Gotan Project gives a trance taste to tango. Deze website gebruikt cookies. This article about a Romanian composer is a stub.

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Uite asa asi vre sa mor lyrics

In his memory, here it is for you to listen to — Gica Petrescu — Uite asa as vrea sa mor. Google released a new project – an open source repository available here: Of luister naar andere Oostenrijk radiozenders. I was quite happy today to find out that a former colleague, Valentina Neacsu, launched a aa about recruiting, interviews and all the others related to this theme.

vreq NEVER arrive at a concert on time…. Well, it is not that hard. Mirabela Dauer – Floare alba,floare albastra w. In some points, the band might resemble the much more famous Green Day, but still they manage to keep an individuality throughout their works. Viorica Macovei – Cine-i sprintenel la joc.

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BandsGenresVarious. Catch – Strangers By Night In Sala Asaa many seats remained empty but the crowd that was there obviously knew their music, as it gave a great feed-back to the performers. The entire story here. His favourite songs themes were Bucharest, women and drinking, although he was never a heavy drinker.


He was 91 years old. The award was canceled, as he had died that very morning. God bless Gica Petrescu I am sure all of the Romanians know his work, great talent and extraordinary influence he had in music.

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Some of my comments on it: Bij het verder gebruiken van deze website, ga je akkoord met onze voorwaarden betreffende cookies. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The entrepreneur feeling gives me amazing energies: He passed away at the petresu of 91in the same day it was scheduled for him to receive an award from the Nationa Romanian Television. Maybe it is because I missed my tracks collection back home, or because in the car we had almost no music because the guy had a cassette player, not a cd-player as I thought initially…. Bands posted by mihai. Bands mot, MoodsVarious posted by mihai.

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This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Leaving such good artists out of the list can make it highly questionable. Jor though the initiative is to be praised, maybe they should have dedicated more time to this.


Too bad they are not playing anymore. Also, the entire album features a diverse style, fully elaborated, ranging from electronic beats to hard metal influences.

The Music Blog writes bits about music, thoughts about favourite bands and albums plus various info about tracks and sounds. Sofia Vicoveanca – Am trait bine cu jocul. She does not speak but she writes By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well, I could not attent the concert, but luckily a friend was kind enough to write her impressions on it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.