Stability indices Numerical output in a log file. The image can be directly saved into image files, which can be inserted into any Microsoft Office documents and used directly for publication and presentation. Beside this, high heritability is useful in the selection of high yielding genotypes. Therefore, genotypes with above average means were from I to R except genotype C on the graph, while genotype from N to D except genotype N indicate genotypes with below average means Fig. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: This weak association was also shown in Table 3.

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The former three locations receive biomodial type of rainfall, whereas, the later location with a long growing season receive monomodial rainfall. When genotype I and Q shage are compared Fig. On the axis, genotype and environments are ranked along it.

GGEbiplot software

Depending on the mega environment definition of different winning cultivars Gauch and Zobel, and the presence of high cross over GEI, it appears that there exist two possible mega environments.

Selecting oat lines for yield in low productivity environments. Ranking genotypes based on performance in environment E5: Genotype gye Environment Interactions.

Two-way data in serial format. Stability parameters for comparing varieties.

GGE biplot analysis using PBTools [2014]

How to cite this article: GE interaction reduces the genetic progress in plant breeding programs through minimizing the association between phenotype and genotype Comstock and Fulll, Hetrosis and inheritance of drought tolerance in faba bean, Vicia faba L.


This result also coincides with reports of Kang which indicated large GE-interactions can be expected when there is wide variation between genotypes for morphophysiological characters possessing biolot to stresses or wide variations of environments for the incidence of the same stresses. Von Kittlitz and Gge biplot full version. Polygon views of the GGE biplot based on symmetrical scaling for the which won where pattern of genotypes and environments.

Genotype by trait biplot. Therefore, genotypes with above average means were from I to R except genotype C on ggw graph, while genotype from N to D except genotype N indicate genotypes with below average means Fig. A descriptive method for grouping genotypes. GGE- biplot based on environment focused scaling for environments to show relationship verssion test environments in discriminating genotypes.

Hence, E11 Upper Dinsho was useful for selecting specifically adapted genotypes like Shage cultivar. Data can be in 1. Generating the best linear predictive model. Eliminating collinearity based on log ratio 4. Similarly, Gge biplot full versionreported heritability is higher in high yielding environment than low yielding environment in barley Hordeum vulgare L.

On the biplot, rays or lines that are drawn perpendicular to the sides of the polygon divide it in to sectors. Biplot analysis of test sites and gge biplot full version relations of soybean in Ontario.


GGE-biplot based on environment focused scaling for comparison of the environments in relation to ideal environment. The first mega environment Mega-1 was consisting of nine environments which are found in sector 1 and 2 with the genotype I Shasho 22 Go- 1 Sn98B being the best winner in these environments.

Three -way data in serial format. The results of this study indicated that barley grain yield performances were highly influenced by environmental effect followed by the magnitude of GEI and genotype contributed the least effect. Tests for crossover genotype-environmental interactions.

Discriminating ability and representativeness of test environments: The distance between two genotypes estimates the euclidean distance between them which is a measure of the overall dissimilarity.

The polygon view of a biplot is the best way hiplot visualize the interaction patterns between genotypes and environments Yan and Kang, to show the presence or absence of cross over GEI which is helpful in estimating the possible existence of different mega environments Gauch and Zobel, ; Yan and Gge biplot full version, ; Yan and Tinker, Thus, different genotypes showed different responses in different environments. A log file bersion recording the process of the graphical analysis.