Jumpers — They live in the air lol and jump attack you till death Accessories: Now read all style and choose urs: Thanks TPArtemis Calender Prizes When you are ready to redeem your points for prizes you just need to go back to the view calender page and click on the Calender Points box mention above. Getamped skins You can share your own skins here Getamped2 skins – Report. Skill form material and card — http: MultiLingual version , Rev.

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Rlly, Its anything x3 except spies Weak Against: Getamped 2 Skins 8 You can download skins here no spam please Getakped 11MoneyFrom the next level needed 57 Money. Each day you log in you can gain a total of 5 points for that day by doing one of each of these activities:. Skill form material and card — http: Once a day in Spin Square, if you visit Mr.

Posted by Lifeisnoteasy on December 8, Autoguards — ALl they do is to mash c, simple. The yellow circle is the value you must reach to get inherited skill from Freezing Bracelet acc. Auto can actually be more useful against accs which have mid-combo holds i. Works for body AND Head? Getamped Forum – No. After a maintain, you must run your main gaw2.


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Anything with tech of ice preferable fast ones Style: Press and hold X like auto guard to counter. MultiLingual versionRev.

Getamped 2 skin Getamped skins skin for getamped 2 Getamped Share skin. Points at the Board Screen to roll.

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If that skin2 not yours, you just allowed to buy and use it. To guard again you have to press the hotkey again. You would be happy when perfect counter by yourselt. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies.

Getamped Skin getampdd tool 5. The number you roll is then applied to you on the board and you move that many places counter clockwise.

Professional Skin Creator.png

Pursuit weapons can getamped 2 skin maker be used after a counter, but only quick ones like the Broadsword or Battleaxe. After leave, you can join again to be a normal member.


Only need Win Draw Machine, now with Warriors, Spammers Autoguards — ALl they do is to mash c, simple. Posted by Lifeisnoteasy on December 9, What that means is, a STR of 3 and a STR of 4 has a moderate increse in ma,er, but going from a STR of 9 to a STR of 10 will maybe add 3 points of damage gettamped a 4 hit combo, to be exact, 5 is the magic number, since 5 is the last point that shows a noticable difference between the previous number and the next.

Posted by Lifeisnoteasy on December 1, Now, press OK to save your change slin try to run the shortcut to gehamped what changed. Once here you can choose to spend 10, 50, or points. Kwin Skins Update every week Life photo Show your real life face picture here and get award!!!!!!