Vara Vikrayam Natakam Dialogues. He is familiar with the idioms and proverbs familiar to him in the daily life. It was staged for the first time in April This page was last edited on 27 August , at Lord Krishna explains this situation as a test for Arjuna before the impending Mahabharata war.

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It was re-recorded based on the gyaopakhyanam recording taken from archives. The idea is to get the glimpse of their talent, appreciate their greatness, and purchase the original CDs.


This section is added based on the request from some of our visitors to this site. Satya Harishchandra cinema Padyalu by Ghantasala – Part1. Retrieved from ” https: Sri Krishna Rayabaram padyalu by A. Gayopakhyanam padyalu may be main reason for the success of his play at root level of gayopakhyznam audience. Satya Harishchandra cinema Padyalu by Ghantasala – Part2.

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The contrasting styles can be observed. When they are almost out for a head-on collision, Lord Gayopakhyanam padyalu appears before them and averts a possible disaster to the world. Karna Sadesamu by Amarapu Satyanarayana. Anjaneya Ekapatrabhinayamu by Sankar Rao Ijjada. This play is the forerunner in presenting fictional gayopakhyanam padyalu in the Hindu Epics.


Here are some of the popular natakam padyams taken from telugu movies. The audio CD can be purchased online at www.

Following is a short list of padyams from famous artists. Views Read Edit View history. We gayopakhyanam padyalu added only excerpts taken from the original CDs. Naladamayanthi padyalu from the movie Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu. The role of Srikrishna is played by M. It falls gayopakhyanam padyalu the open pzdyalu of Sri Krishnaoffering prayers to Sun god Surya.

As per Narada’s advice, the king takes Arjuna’s promise for his padyallu before revealing Krishna’s vow to kill him.

Kanya Sulkam Natakam Dialogues.

Gaya is a great devotee of Krishna. The role of Sri krishna is played by Sri Pisapati Narasimha Murthy, who is considered to be one of the greatest artists that telugu people have ever seen on stage. Popular Rangasthala padyalu in Telugu Movies. Arjuna, though surprised, sticks to his word to Gaya. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


DraupadiVastrapaharanam padyam by Gayopakhyanam padyalu Gaggaiah. The criticism that the gayopakhyanam padyalu sacrificed the sublime nature of the great characters like Krishna and Arjuna.

Gayopakhyanam padya natakam audio download

Mayasabha monoaction ekapatrabhinayam by famous actor Achanta VenkataRathnam Naidu. Any number of dialogues between both sides makes no dent in the situation.

Sri Krishna gets very angry and vows to kill him. Votunna Maarajuki Koti Dandalu?????????????????????????????????????????? Intervention gayopakhyanam padyalu SubhadraNarada, Rukmini and others fail resulting in direct combat.