For example, when I drag and move a molecule window, the window does not refresh and shows whatever is in the background. Note I have separate notes on installing the g03 executable. It can also import standard molecule file formats such as PDB files. GaussView is a graphical user interface designed to help you prepare input for submission to Gaussian and to examine graphically the output that Gaussian produces. I think I did this on Ubuntu 8.

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Gaussview software can be invoked by setting the path as follows. May I know what version of Gaussview you are using?

GaussView: Installation Instructions (Linux) – GROK Knowledge Base

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. January 22nd, 3. May 29th, 8. Problem running Gaussview on Ubuntu Thanks very much! This doesn’t exist in the 8. I can’t seem to find libXft. The GUI for it is functional for viewing, but building of molecules is done more via python ggaussview than through the GUI.


Ran this script with. Basically, Gaussview requires gaussview linux, which I promptly installed gaussview linux the relevant packages. It can also import standard molecule file formats such as PDB files.

GaussView provides three main benefits to Gaussian users. It does not have a wrapper for Gaussian, but I would think it would be quite straightforward to use it to create Gaussian input files.

Secondly, GaussView makes it easy to set up many types of Gaussian calculations. I tried using this libXft. I think I did this on Ubuntu 8. I wonder where the problem can lie.

I suspect it has something to do with the libraries that can with Gaussview itself. Tried to run gaussview with gv, but got an error: Problem running Gaussview gaussview linux Ubuntu Hi agapito, Thanks for the advice. TAZ zcat tar xvf – 3. To invoke Gaussview after setting the path type on command prompt. Vendor supported online documentation. Tried to run gaussview with ‘gv’, but got another error: Problem running Gaussview on Ubuntu is there a solution to linhx


Gaussian 16

Join Date May Beans January 22nd, 4. Try disabling the desktop effects, if they are on. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Has anyone figured out a solution? Gaussview linux, GaussView lets you examine the results of Gaussian gaussvlew using a variety of graphical techniques.

Problem running Gaussview on Ubuntu

Yes, maybe it’s the libXft. Gaussview does not gqussview gaussview linux on two different computers with completely different graphics cards and tried with two different libXft.

Problem running Gaussview on Ubuntu I have Gaussview 03 installed on several Ubuntu machines and it runs perfectly even in my 64 bit laptop, which has a GM Express Chipset.