DLL will be transferred into the Windows system directory. EXE to your clients. On the Start menu, click Run. I suspect it has dependent modules which are not present. There will be another message during load of the Query Client form: You will need to install the missing controls. There are several ways to ensure that it is also available to your end users.

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The log file has the following in it.

In some cases, because Microsoft is trying to promote the use of its own controls rather than these third-party controls, it has “hidden” them in directories where they must be manually installed. All parameters have been declared as Optional so that ASP pages and any applications written using the earlier method of setting global properties and calling parameterless methods will still work, with no changes.

The Windows system directory is usually C: You can always v6b the latest version of our help files from the Downloadable Help section of our Web site http: In case you need to repeat this process, we should note the steps for un-installing the control. Reapply the latest Visual Studio Service Pack, which can be obtained from:. This worked for me too. This means that data bound controls in Delphi need to be given the name of an ODBC data source alias for a Jet database.


All the controls displayed on the forms in that project are client controls, just like the controls you add to your own forms. DLL, which is still required under VB6 so we’d rather be safe than sorry. Whether you are writing client programs in Visual Basic 6.

The Gauge32.occx Basic 6.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Repeat the previous 3 steps for gauge32ocx offending OCX. Sign up using Email and Password. The OCX performs very little function in and of itself.

vb6 migration – Registering GRAPHOCX in Windows 10 – Stack Overflow

This is the way it works: Sign up using Email and Password. If the control in question is any of the ones listed below, then find and double-click on the file Vbctrls. Click OK to close Project Options. Dunnill Nov 9 ’18 at In the absolutely simplest case, you could even make the control visible, and give your users access to all the ELF functions directly.


Running regsvr32 on graph EXE to your clients. This will update the design-time licenses for these controls. Most likely, you will want to split the functions up as we’ve done with the Analysis and Query functions.

gaugeocx download – free ocx files

Click OK, and if you have not previously added components to this package, you will get a message box asking you to confirm the creation of this package. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: I have a VB6.

Repeat this same exact process with the QueryClient form. Though the original article is gone, an archive is here and here and relevant text reproduced as follows:.

There will be another message during load of the Query Client form: In the Install window, the default installation will be into dclusr When it is compiled on your machine, it is automatically registered in the Windows Registry as an available Reference.