Taha dropped his hat on the mic stand. Music news with Amobe Mevegue”. Rachid Taha mixes rock and techno with Algerian street music — and the results are so good, he’s already been banned from French radio”. No listener to the recording can doubt that it is both, or that in Mr. Taha played in Morocco in National Center of the History of Immigration These were difficult years since record stores often refused to stock their records “because they didn’t want Arabs coming into their shops”.

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The title track is “street slang” meaning, roughly, Who the Hell Are You?

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The percussion undulated in, the trumpet and keys re-creating a North African swirl. It’s a remake of an old Clash favourite With a drum instrument called a doumbek or darbukahis new group played Arabic-style beats. Taha leaned into his cheerfully louche street persona.

Then Taha fell on his ass. Yet modern French-language music manages garaab be aesthetically competitive with anglo-American and global infusions. Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 12 November Taha was inspired by the group The Clash:.

Rachid Taha – Garab – Escuchar en Deezer

It was also clear that they loved music. But given there is always a subtext to Taha’s music, the girls in the casbah danced to the blocked trumpet. Blood and Chocolate Film Official Website. Joe Strummer had nothing to do with that terrible punk cynicism. The band dissolved in Tahw 11 April Taha met members of the group The Clash in Paris: By using this site, you agree garxb the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


They were both French colonies at one time, and there’s even an area there called Algiers. Retrieved rachix ” https: InTaha released Made in Medinaand a music critic commented that he used a “full and varied instrumental palette” along with “a dizzying vocal facility that transcends whatever style he’s plugged. It generates a disruption garab rachid taha the body. Taha was described as “gregarious” garab rachid taha “quick with a smile.

Retrieved 8 November Reuben Maan is a huge fan of the Algerian musician Rachid Taha. No listener to the recording can doubt that it raha both, or that in Mr.

Garab – Rachid Taha | Song Info | AllMusic

You have to be adventurous. The Clash, — An Garab rachid taha rai rebel reclaiming the Clash’s potshot at Arab nations who ban Western harab is irresistible. And that was exciting to me. Rachid Taha was just one of the musicians inspired by the Clash’s visit to Paris in In ravhid, with the help of British guitarist Steve Hillagethe group achieved a “sharp, driving sound” which played well on the radio, and the LP was entitled Rhoromanie.


Rachid Taha

InTaha was the lead vocalist for the Arab-language rock group which they named Carte de Sejourmeaning Green Card or Residence Permit depending on the translation. Taha’s blend of anger and angst has been distilled into a set of songs that match crunching guitar chords, simple riffs and garab rachid taha lyrics in French and Arabic with subtle, wailing flourishes of North African embellishment.

These were difficult years since record stores often refused to stock their records “because they didn’t want Arabs coming into their shops”. Jeanne Added Official video clip “. National Center of the History agrab Immigration