Believe me, their approach to the technology, as interesting as it is, is far from the most interesting aspect of the project. The biggest punk bands in South Africa are actually also the best-attended live acts across the country in rock music generally, such as Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fokofpolisiekar, and Fuzigish. Fuzigish plays an infectious catchy brand of punk music that has audiences going nuts and skanking a riot at their energy fuelled live shows. What kind of response did you get — from the musicians you featured, and from others — when you said you were making a documentary on punk in Africa? Could you expand on that?

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Deon grew up in the scene wrote about it and photographed it in the s during its heyday in South Africa. Punk provided a necessary release from the imposed boredom of the times.

Listen & view Fuzigish’s lyrics & tabs

Along with three acclaimed CDs released through their own indie punk label Red Ambulance and a fourth studio album expected late Facebook Twitter Instagram Gplus Youtube.

The scene was too underground to really have an impact on religious fuzigish mozambique as a whole. He comes from a journalistic and record company background, started his own company Meerkat Media and do a lot of television work. Download Font Style Embed. Vuzigish Fuzigish I like to spend some time in Mozambique The sunny sky is aqua blue And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek It’s very nice to stay a week or two And maybe fall in love just me and you There’s lots of pretty girls in Mozambique And plenty time for good romance And everybody likes to stop and speak To give the special one you seek a chance Fuzigish mozambique maybe say hello with just a glance Lying next to her by the ocean Reaching out and touching her hand Whispering your secret emotion Magic in fuzigish mozambique magical land And when it’s time for leaving Mozambique Just say goodbye to sand and sea You turn around to take a final peek And you see why it’s so unique to be Among the lovely people living free Upon the beach of sunny MozambiqueLyrics provided by TANCODE https: We also shot partially on Super-8 mozambiaue stock to achieve a certain grainy, vintage look for purposes of introducing certain characters and places in the fuzigish mozambique.


The film has been fuzigish mozambique at theatres and film festivals in South Africa, Holland and Brazil. Punk also often takes on local roots and draws on local music forms, fuzigish mozambique so there was an African identity present in the lyrics, music and visual style in the punk movement in all three of the countries we looked at.

A lot of cross-pollination always took place between jazz, reggae and African bands and the punk scene.

Of the older generation, a few individuals are still performing in various formations but most have moved on into other careers, including also most of the originators.

I Got So Much Bubachar.

Punk in Africa: 3 Chords, 3 Countries, 1 Revolution… and a Facebook Page

Fuzigish plays an infectious catchy brand of punk music that has audiences going nuts and skanking fuzigish mozambique riot at their energy fuelled live shows. Between the last edit and the first showing? For instance it [arguably] reached the UK via the Ramones tour.

Roll With The Punches.

Mozambique chords & tabs by Fuzigish @ Tabs

How did punk change from country-to-country as it responded to the specifics of the society, events and politics of each place?

We are currently in discussions with several attractive options for North American festivals. Fuzigish – Fuzigish mozambique Have Changed. And make it they did. What are the highest regarded punk bands currently performing in the three countries today, if there are any?


The politics and DIY aesthetic of the scene remained fairly fuzigish mozambique everywhere. Scratching – from “The unwanted Traveller”. As editor we used Andy Wills, again someone who was prepared to work for deferred payment with the added bonus that he grew up in Botswana so he easily understood the subject matter, and had a proven record of excellent work with mozammbique and animating still images set to music.

Why did you choose South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to feature in the film? Scratching from The Unwanted Traveller. In the early 70s, Southern Africa still fuzigish mozambique the last bastion of colonialism and censorship and social disapproval of popular culture was rampant.

discography: FUZIGISH – “Exploited & Distorted”

Were they religious leaders, political leaders, the police? I understand that you wound up finding footage, photographs and people via social media. When Keith Jones and Deon Maas first started trying to pull together the footage, sources and sound for their documentary, Punk in Africathey found it slow going. We then did the more fine post-production work including grading on fuzigish mozambique Baselight system and final sound mix in specialised studios in Prague, Czech Republic, where the film was co-produced.

What is punk, and fuzigish mozambique did your understanding of it affect the way you made the film? Soon after we started talking about working together and made our first documentary, Durban Poison.