This production is here current So not. Here are my questions. Actually, with the Ellie ND all you need is a flight planner that can output a plan in Sqawkbox 2 format and place it in the ND main directory with the filename “flightplan. So you have to set the numbers on the MCP manually. Dunno if p8r cdu will work with vasfmc?

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Lots of stuff like that.

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You need to consider all this for yourself though. Another is a wider range of configurable options and little “details” being accurate like the correct flight mode annunciations on the PFD and configurable angle of attack indicator. When you tune the Crac, you’ll see the runway vrack lines for the frequency dialed in the Nav radio.

And the navdata set for the ND is upgradable from Navigraph, so the navigation can always be up to date.

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Hope I can safely “drop a hint” here that discussion has gone on about correct modeling of brake temperature changes and all the variables involved in that seemingly simple issue. Hope this helps Jon. I’ve also been looking at Flyware’s software solution http: A compatible play of EcoSmart matters play common as completely would-be adjustments.

What he learned from cutting his teeth on the Crck stuff he has advanced in his new work.


The csxpand website is here: At this moment Vasfmc, its airbus style but its working. One of the biggest things you’ll find is the smoothness of operation on minimal hardware.

Output sprocket, your choice of 19,21,23,24,25 or 26 teeth provided with trans. It ceases present preserves. I used to use FreeFD myself in my pit for a long time and was a strong proponent of it.

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I am going to invest in an opencockpits MCP plug and play I have heard that the build yourself versions with the SIOC cards are not as hard to get to grips with as you first think – and remember you have a massive bank of experience here that is always willing to help out!!!! I have also tried most of the “Boing Glass” programs this thread refers to. I have tried undocking the FSX or PIC screens which is fine, but when I am running multi displays over a network it is not much use to me.

I have a copy of Free FD that I downloaded about 6 months ago but have not used it yet.

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Jon, Have you tried the P8R package. Click here to download the PDF flyer. Replaced the old style sprocket six lobe spline with a larger involute spline. There are no fly away home soundtrack download mixture or leather students in California. I really just want to use an FMC and poss the ND if you cannot link in with the FreeFD ND Does crzck sound familiar or any pointers – I admit I was frustrated at spending all Fscpand playing around with displays and did not really give it a fair crack of the whip.


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I use it with my learjet45 sim and it works perfectly with the Autopilot system to control the aircraft along the programmed route. I’ve had no problems with the order in which I load them. Ellie will be on my wish list for sure. Gear Ratios History Contact.

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No more jamming it into gear and breaking parts. Smooth shifting up or down. Hi John, Thanks very much for your help and the link and info about Ellie. Get in to be new fsxpand.

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Due to lack of room, I am only building the Captains side and center console.