Just figured it would be a good idea to get this up here after hearing that the server will be closing. German Forum – Sirius Patch 1. It is time again. Read User Reviews on Tekagis Treasure 5. Tekagis Treasure Weekend of Events. Originally released in September of , ProcyonHook introduced a large number of extremely useful and innovative features to the Procyon server. For those of you who have been with us through the years hopefully you find the new TT logo a fitting tribute.

freelancer tekagis treasure

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We were with some of the first servers created and started adding to the game along time ago. Dodge through asteroid fields while piloting elite spacecraft. It checks your mod install and download missing files or updated files.

The Starport News – Cloudflare Vulnerability.

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And another one closes the door. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me. All kinds of freelncer. Once the updater has checked your files, you can press “start”. Freelancer Resolution Patch Downloads mccarthy Re: Your source for Freelancer gaming, mods, help, tools, tips, tricks, utilities, files, downloads and MUCH more! This Mod usually takes about 20 minutes to install the first time, after that it will usually take less than a minute to get the latest update since it only installs files that have changed.


Tekagis Treasure Guild Map 5.46 image

One of the very oldest Freelancer servers is closing forever. It is regrettable, but things change over time, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

freelancer tekagis treasure

Your source for Freelancer gaming, mods, tekagia, tools, tips, tricks, utilities, files, downloads and MUCH more! Never change something within the “Patch. Here is the link to the thread at the forums, it is German, but feel free to write a comment in it even in English: Matching forum style is now in place.

Downloads 1 today. Do this everytime before you start your Freelancer to make sure you have the latest files.

freelancer tekagis treasure

You can also view two videos of FlSES webinterface in action right here: This server can be found on the public list under the name ‘Tekagis Treasure’ ofc The events will all Start on the Hour and you will recieve a 10 min warning before the event starts via a message through the server,this is too give you chance trewsure get to alloted start point.

Experience a vast, open-ended universe filled with an infinite number freelaner adventures. Both files available at the source have been compressed into one here, to make it easier.

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But now we are working on teeasure balance of the mod, bringing those prices down and adding some of the great FLHook options that have been added to other great servers! Click HERE to download the autoupdater for 1.


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Special thanks towards h4x0r3r who coded the updater and save the day by helping me to get it to work. The wars lasted just a short time, though, and the players almost never forgot the respect of each other even though the heated battles.

A copy of the original announcement for when it disappears: Patience is requested as we attempt to bring this great ship back home Unzip the Files from the 1. In an argument within the server crew resulted in a new server being opened, DrachennestX, which was closed at February terasure The Starport News – Cloudflare Vulnerability. Hi All, I am a player and clan leader on Tekagis treasure,I am a well freelancrr player there and am well known as being a fair a decent player even tho the role i play is that of a killer.

freelancer tekagis treasure