Thank you very much for this video Support for multiple formats allows you to gather resources and compile into a single project, or manage and export only elements you see fit. On the other hand, the application comes equipped with a large variety of tools with which analysis is flawlessly done. I’ve tried and it works. This is very useful when you need to reduce the total bone count to 60 for use in GG. This comes in handy for developers or modders who want to edit or add new content. I will make at least 3 videos on this as soon as I get a chance in the next few days.

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I will make a video and post a link here. Here is a video on how fragotion zero the joints rotations for a character model using Fragmotion.

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Once you do, the application gives you the possibility to create 2D and rull objects, such as various rull shapes, fragmotion full existing objects, manage bones, handle textures or modify sets of values to design either skeletal or vertex animations.

Any trick to fragmotion full non triangulate meshes, just polygonal quad? And if you already made so, wth not to avail, and simply frag crashed because the dll, perhaps reinstalling from scrash, I really not expert with fragmotion. Unfortunately, Fragmotion only works with triangulated meshes. I guess they did not think it was important to get it right.

FragMOTION 1.3.4

You don’t need to go all the way through, frafmotion various export options that allow you to save only specific project components or libraries, as well as the whole project.

Most videos nowadays are greatly enhanced fragmotion full technology has evolved so much that it’s easily done with little knowledge. Most of the space is taken up by the interactive preview section, while side panels provide quick access to functions and project content. Here is another fragmotin that covers a problem you may encounter when Merging animation in Fragmotion. I don’ now if it’s the same issue i’m having, but on my windows 8 machine have to fragmotion full fragmotion in Windows XP compatibility mode and as an admin or it crashes for me.


Support for multiple formats allows you to gather resources and compile into a single project, or manage and export only elements you see fit. Your help is greatly appreciated. Create 2D or 3D objects, add color, texture and animation in order to create complex scenes or just characters to use in your projects.

However, you need to constantly need to keep an eye on the preview section, because the ful panel is the only way to determine movement or add values, with a lot of experimenting to be done.

The script allows removal of bones while preserving the hierarchy of fragmotion full remaining bones. I actually do all my modeling and uv mapping in WIngs3d then export to obj and import into Fragmotion for rigging and animating and exporting to x file. It’s also the case for character design and animation, with a large variety of applications specially designed to put an intuitive environment at your disposal and thorough tools to create or edit animations, with fragMOTION being a suitable example.

Thanks fragmotion full much Wolf! Here is another video showing how to add the custom script I mentioned above.

Intel R HD Graphics. If you are using 3dsMax for rigging Bond1 made a video on how to zero the joints in Max. When it is all done you should create a new sticky thread with all fragmotion full so that it fragmotion full not get lost this is very useful information to every one and it should also be part of the GG tutorial maybe advance topic or something like that.


In terms of design, the fragmotion full is kept simple, with no shiny visual elements to distract you. By default it uses open GL, so if you switch it to DirectX to view the models in Fragmotion you will know it will appear the same in GG.

In Wings3d select all faces and use right click menue go to Tessellation fragmotion full select untriangulate.

You can enhance the grid with several elements to better measure or snap objects to it. I took some max polygonal model and export it as X file, then import it in Fragmotion, then export it fragmotion full Obj file, then import it in Max, and I got a model full triangulate triangles instead of polygonsand I prefer work with polygonal ones, specially when UVWrapp comes.

Drumming, Saxophone, Art, Theatre, Music. Opps sorry, I fixed the link for script. This comes in handy for developers or modders who want to edit or add new content. Thank you very much for this video Harry Harry When nothing goes right, go left.

Download fragMOTION

GG has no problems just using key frames because it can interpolate the in between frames. Attachments Login to fragmotion full attachments. Alsodownloading Wings3D, im sure I had used that before but for the life of me can’t remember, there are so many out there.