Insight Establishing the correct take-profit strategy of a robot is fundamental. Updates are a key component of ANY trading robot as new conditions fundamental, technological, regulatory, etc. This means that, even in the very rare event very rare, as you already saw from our 5 trading accounts that a stop-loss hits, the small pip distance protects you from large losses. The Asian session starts. A few weeks ago Megadroid released version 1. Much lower spread than XTB but a commission is charged for every transaction.

forex megadroid 1.39

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As you can see from the above example, what started out as forxe potentially profitable trade, or a worst-case scenario of a break-even trade, ended up as a 16 pip loss, FORCED by market conditions and how FX brokers operate. It means that, during this specific 4-hour period, price changed 5, times.

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However, in April when we started this new accountit was already showing signs of approaching the 2 pip level. The Asian session starts.

forex megadroid 1.39

After purchasing PipJet, not only will you be able to download PipJet from our Member Area but you will also be able to download PipSonic as a special bonus forfx us Hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can megadrlid account for the corex of financial risk in actual trading.

In order to provide more information regarding the activity of the system, an improved on-chart display was implemented which also included the ability to deliver important status messages directly to users.


My settings for PipJet are 0. All you have to do is provide the strategy rules i. Market moves back to trade entry price and robot DOES manage to exit at break-even because tick volume is times higher than previously! MANY of them, actually.

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Insight Price channels i. In other words, megzdroid robot either spits out profits or losses This is VERY powerful: Although extremely rare events, this update was released to provide a better equity recovery mechanism following losing trades. No competition means higher profits for you, less market noise and solid technical trading patterns providing a much more profitable and accurate trading environment.

Megafroidthe Asian session tick volume was an average of ticks per session Market moves back to trade entry price and robot tries to exit the trade at break-even, but price is not available due to LOW tick volume – hence no fill.

If happy, his next step will NOT be to go for the plastic! As is, markets are unpredictable to a certain extent, but news releases make our jobs as traders and system developers MUCH harder. However, what happens when neither your stop loss or profit objective are reached within the Asian session and suddenly the EU trading session starts which can often happen, depending on where and when you entered the trade?

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Account 2 Meyadroid Commentary. September 29th, update: In fact, Forex Megadroid continues to be the 1 selling FX robot. What is tick volume? Being the first “production” account, we were still fine-tuning the strategy slightly and learning “as we went”.


forex megadroid 1.39

As initially mentioned above Following spikes in volatility and extreme market activity caused by meagdroid EuroZone debt crisis which cannot be anticipated by an automated trading systemthe option for our market analysts to remotely disable trading during adverse market conditions was integrated into this release.

When we started our first two accounts in it was in the megadroif pip range. Profit objective of the trade, 0. An ECM commission is customary, but usually the profit is greater than the commission.

That should theoretically result in a profit of pips BUT, if the best available price happens to be 1.

If, for example, the economies related forrex the currencies are very dependant upon each other, “live off each other”, have a very high element of trade between them, key economic treaties, etc. Depending on how liquid the pair is meaning, how much trading activity there isthe tick volume will be higher or lower.

Req MegaDroid EA 1.39

EU and US trading sessions. This means that each bar represents a 5-minute period.

Well that is NOT going to happen here!