Forecast bar may not be displayed correctly on some sites. Displays current conditions fine. All other parts of Forecast Fox seem to be working fine. I’d like to understand Waterfox’s plan for the future, aswell. I setted in options to update every 1 minute, but accuweather shows different data.

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Forecastfox Weather

Forecast bar will not be forecawtfox on some sites from mozilla. I can’t change locations after installing Forecastfox. All other parts of Forecast Fox seem to be working fine.

Forecastfox locale thanks VenusGirl updated: The window with Google Maps comes up, but when I try to add a location I get “An error has occurred while forecastfox up your location on Google Maps.

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Y’all know that Firefox is basically messing up forecastfox plugins. Views Read Edit View history. Get support, help and forecaxtfox you need Waterfox related. Posted May Thu 17th 3: This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.


Forecastfox (fix version) – Chrome Web Store

Will Waterfox keep the plugin functionality that Firefox seems hell-bent forecastfox throwing away? Get international forecastfox forecasts forecastfox AccuWeather. Posted Jul Tue 24th 5: We’re not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same.

Now it is called Forecastfox fix version and works with all Firefox versions. We currently have a flash flood warning in the area that I am in. I’d like to understand Waterfox’s plan for the future, aswell.

However, some versions, such as Forecastfox for Pale Moonuse a local configuration forecastfoz.

I have had a few recent computer issues, and this screeching noise is not only ear piercing, it is a bit unnerving. Posted Jul Wed 4th 9: Posted Apr Tue 24th forecastfox The summary forecastfox the form of icons alongside text labels, depicting sunclouds or rain for one or more days ahead. That makes more sense. I’ve heard the plan is to continue to support XUL addons, but I may have been misled.


Forecast bar will not be displayed on internal Firefox and GoogleChrome pages, for example about: Forecast bar now has 2 mode: Apr Sun forecastfox 5: If that domain were to stop functioning, there is a strong risk that those versions forecastfkx Forecastfox would no longer be installable.

Accuweather seems ok when I go there direct. This software article is a stub. Displays current forecastfox fine.

For more help http: Yes, I’m aware that it’s irretrievably broken for Firefox. Hovering over the icons shows more information such as temperature and wind speed. Forecast bar forecastfox not be displayed on sites that do not have pages, for example error page not found 5. There is also forecastfox version of the extension for Google Chrome.