There was an error. Why not add your own? This is web based show with artists coming over to Darryl Hall’s house and jamming, filming it and playing it on the web. Lyrics submitted by Etceteranough. And three times that I told you you’re the one, I just don’t need. But now you got to make it on your own. A nice melding of the old and the new would be nice too.

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I don’t think twice for the price of a cheap time whore.


All themes of art are cyclical, but we’ve been stuck with pretty much the same watered down styles and crappy “club” music that for someone to come out and attempt to revive Motown is freaking awesome.

Like the time you set fire to noney. The guy she left sees her crying like she wants to come home, but then he sees “blue hands in her pockets”, basically saying she’s only crying cause she needs something from him again. Wave goodbye now, it’s time for you to go. His payback to her is that, although she’s in need, she’s burnt her bridge and “has to make it on her own” now, which probably won’t happen cause she’s such a ho.


Lyrics submitted by Etceteranough.

Darryl sing some of the parts when they do Money Grabber and he fits right in. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Thd no its a new song! The sound is very reminiscent of Hall and Oates, which is who I thought was the original artist, but I looked into that and it wasn’t them. And three times that I told you you’re the one, I just don’t fitz and the tantrums money grabber. It is an original song from this band written by Mr Fitz himself.

One is for the money. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. General Comment I, like everyone here, also thought this was a really old song. I saw these guys at Lollapalooza and they are awesome live. Flag martbook tantrujs April 23, A nice melding of the old and the new would be nice too.

Fitz & the Tantrums – Money Grabber Lyrics

Don’t come back anytime, you’ve already run me dry. Hope to hear more from more artists. Maybe it’s covered by this band? Song Meaning Wow what a song. Heard it on the radio nd thought it was an old era song. This is your pay back, money grabber.


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Fitz & The Tantrums – Money Grabber Lyrics | MetroLyrics

General Comment Yes I thought this was an old one remixed as well. This ain’t your home. The guy is pretty much sayin “F-u i dont want you no more. Or is it an original? Add your thoughts 10 Comments. General Comment First off, I agree with klaxon, I thought this was an “oldie” that I never heard, and when I looked it up and found out it’s a new song I was floored.

This is not an old song, but one written by Michael Fitzpatrick Fitz himself I love the original video, but the Darryl’s House version is close behind. User does not exist. We do not have any tags for MoneyGrabber lyrics.