You’re supposed to get more comfortable and confident with each album with an existing setup, and move from strength to strength. Firewind’s release “Allegiance” did this for myself and others, and when it came time to follow it up, I was both very anxious and afraid of what the band may produce. To do so, click the downward arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook comment the arrow is invisible until you roll over it and select the appropriate action. One of the biggest problems I had personally with ‘Allegiance’ was the performance of the new vocalist Apollo Papathanasio, and thankfully the overall improvement in musical quality is partially down to him ironing out the negative aspects of his singing. My greatest fear for ‘The premonition’ was that Firewind would end up a boring hard rock band, and that much has most definitely not come to pass.

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He is not using the same pattern in every song. I can compromise, But you must realize that one day I will break free 9. Firewind started touring after the completion of the album in January, in which time they filmed the content for the bonus DVD. While he has slowed down his speed on this record, his leads have never been more fluid, crisp, melodic. Two years down, the band’s released its second outing with Apollo, and while the general formula stays intact, there seems to be a bit of magic missing.

It took long enough, prfmonition Gus G. The influences firewind the premonition obvious, yet done with respect, rather than mere mimicry.

FIREWIND LYRICS – “The Premonition” () album

There are no two ways about it, the song will polarize. Scoring this CD proved to be a tough call — firedind it certainly outstrips ‘Allegiance’ with ease, it remains a rung or 2 below the first 3 Firewind CDs, and the slight dip in quality as the CD progresses tempers the enthusiasm built by the top-notch first half. And it doesn’t suck!


It was amusing at first then it became annoying and corny. Lyrics firewins not your typical battle and war, which may be a break considering this a recurring theme in power metal. Hey, it took some balls to cover this one. The album’s consistency and cohesion, firewind the premonition alluded to earlier, is its greatest strength firewind the premonition, as every track hits with guitar hero riffs and big choruses.

Besides, his range is quite impressive for a power metal vocalist. So, in retrospect, The Premonition serves as an excellent follow-up to Allegiance that is sure to please just about any Firewind fan. In amongst all this wild praise though, it has to be noted that the 2nd half of the CD does not quite match the quality of the first. My first impression was the heavy emphasis on the keyboards compared to their others albums. One example would be Head Up High, in which he participates along with the guitar, providing an amazing solo.

Despite ‘Allegiance’ being something of a breakthrough for Firewind, it was my opinion at the time that it was easily their weakest CD to date, something I still hold to. However, there’s nothing here which can match, for example, the headrush of Ready to Strike or the grandiosity of Deliverance. Moving on to the vocals, I have to say Apollo really made it. None firewjnd the songs are outright bad, and to be fair, there’s some totally solid tracks — Into the Fire opens the albums with ominous firewind the premonition twanging that bring to mind The Thing That Should Not Be before slamming the distortion down and getting all badass, Head up High is a great let’s-all-be-happy metal party song and Firewind the premonition Loneliness is mid-tempo pop catchiness at its thf.


There’s more guitar and keyboard dueling overall, Apollo’s vocals sound much clearer, and the general music approach is more straight forward. However, it a solid album that will stay in your collection premonitiion I you dig the new style. All the way from Athens, Greece, Firewind’s has brought to you their new full- length studio album, The Premonition.

LaconicWarriorMay 3rd, Apollo Papathanasio, Gus G. After plenty of quality of time spent with “The Premonition”I can now say that it may not top “Allegiance”but could be the next best of the five albums. Once again we aimed for a highly variable effort as I really don’t like those albums where you’ve listened to the first song firewind the premonition it’s like you heard them all!

The Premonition

A bit of a departure from their usual style of closing track, and it reminds the listener that while Firewind may have cooled off a little, they still know how to cause a ruckus when the mood takes them. You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail.

In addition to “Mercenary Man”one of the album’s best tracks is “Head Up High”featuring a fiery main riff and a big chorus that is inspiring in firewind the premonition simple message. The answer is simply different for each rocker.

But many of the best songs are between those bookends.

The song had a few live performances by Firewind including at the Gagarin Open Air festival in Athens From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.