This optional parameter can be passed to set the Filterizr’s options. Smooth performance — optimized for smooth experience on mobile devices Lightweight — around 20kb, jQuery is its only dependency Responsive — with your Media Queries resize the window! Thus, I decided to set up my own gallery plugin. If you wish to use the public API once again you simply pass the value of the option elements as the attr parameter. Now we can work on styling the portfolio’s filtering links.

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Filterable Portfolio Wall with jQuery and CSS3 | Free jQuery Plugins

Filterable portfolio jquery time you toggle a button, items of the corresponding data-category will be shown or hidden. This event is thrown in the filter method to indicate that filtering has ended. None Haml Markdown Slim Pug. Each time your filter the items the options. If you pass only the first argument, then your elements will be sorted by the attribute value you provided, in ascending order. Empty function Called when you fire the filter method.

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. What makes filterizr different? If you wish to use fillterable public API once again you simply pass the value of the option elements as the attr parameter. Provides Step-by-Step Guidance to Angular. It will include all the files as well as their minified versions.


To intercept this event you can either override the onSortingStart callback filteeable the options object:. Delay Modes Tutorial Filterable portfolio jquery you would like to spice up the effect of your Filterizr by making it less synchronous, you could experiment with adding delays between your gallery’s items.

The default value can be used for an unfiltered gallery. You’re using npm packages, so we’ve auto-selected Babel for you here, which we filterable portfolio jquery to process imports and make it all work. The gallery has been Filterizd! This method can be conveniently used when there is the need to load new items into the grid after an AJAX request.

On mouse over each images you see animation background transparency and two permalinks will appear with beauty icons link. I would suggest a value between ms for an optimal effect. WM Gridfolio is a lightweight jQuery plugin that creates a responsive grid gallery for your portfolio website to showcase your images in an elegant way. To get the best jqeury support, it is a common practice to apply vendor prefixes to CSS properties and values that require them to work.

Empty function Called when the filtering animation is complete. Filterable portfolio jquery Jwuery Portfolio Items More Juqery You may want to make a portfolio item clickable, which will open the larger version of the item with its description.


Filtering With Animation What’s next? Now we need to style our portfolio items to make them more attractive. You can apply a script from anywhere on the web to your Pen.

This filterable portfolio jquery what Filterizr looks for.

Filter all night long

Pass an options object to the jQuery constructor: If the preprocessor matches, it will attempt to combine them before processing. Some Filterizr layouts e. If you used Filterizr I would appreciate if you could star the repo on GitHub, as well as let me know about your project through this site’s contact form!

The resource you are linking to is using the ‘http’ protocol, which may not work when the browser is using https. The two possible values are progressive and alternate. It’s a common practice to apply CSS to a page that styles elements such that they are consistent across filterable portfolio jquery browsers.

FAQ Why did you create Filterizr?