As for the interface, the main app window has a simple look and structure. Well done, great addition to my tool belt. When firing up the tool, you’re greeted by a starting window that shows only two steps for generating reports: Each task includes connection, report form, export options and email options. I have tested your tool and have found it to be quite useful for the general type of reports one may need to run.

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SQLite does not need a server or separate process – it only needs the. A file extension is the characters after the last dot in a file name. FastReporter 2 – data post-processing software Interested fastreporter this product?

Request a quote Add to favorites. Enter verification code from the above image. Choose your required report category: I think the tabs should be at the top and contrasted with the rest of the application and individually closed with an x on each tab think web browser.

Careers fastreporter sales fiberoptic. My only complaint and it’s personal preference possibly It’s very fast and lightweight.

More reports Choose from more fashreporter groups, exchange users, contacts, printers, group policy objects and organizational unit reports which are available. Designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data, FastReporter 2 features fastreporter user-friendly environment which boosts productivity.


Need reports from AD? Top 10 Viewable Products at FiberOptic.

AD FastReporter

In addition, it also features a powerful batch processing of test results as well as a bidirectional batch analysis. As for fastreporter interface, the main app window has a simple look and fastreporter.

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To ensure accuracy, all our field values are processed by information from official Microsoft resources. We boost speed and efficiency by reducing the number of LDAP requests we send to your domain controllers. I happened into it in my search for continued support with ADinfo by CJWdev, who vanished into thin air somewhere. Customize HTML export forms. Accurate To ensure accuracy, fastreporter our field values are fastreporter by information from official Microsoft resources.

FastReporter meets all of these challenges head-on with a number of post-processing functionalities, such as live templating for OTDR testing, powerful batch processing, ultra-fast bidirectional batch analysis, as well as other highly flexible reporting features. Customize reports with fields. Fastreporter report category has its own report forms fastreporter set of available fields.


Our intelligent filter manager saves you valuable time by making it quick and straightforward to create custom report forms. I went ahead and purchased and this is going to fastreporter a real time-saver for my admin fastreporter


It’s not super clear to me that a report is opened in a tab and I find myself very consistently closing out of the entire application to exit out of a single report. We do not host downloads on our own, but point you to the newest, original downloads. View the full report list.

Choose from over built-in report forms. Key features Applications Case studies Resources Related products. Every time you create a task fastreporter will receive a task ID which enables you to perform the fastreporter via the Windows command fastreporter.

EXFO FastReporter (free version) download for PC

All your reports User reports user status inactive, locked out, disabled, etc. Fastreporter reports created in the last 30 days, modified in fastreporter last 7 days, with Windows 10 OS, computer status deleted, disabled, inactive, unmanaged, etc. Have questions or doubts?

Additional built-in report forms to generate advanced reports.