Game doesn’t crash on invalid number input in map generation GUI. Updated iron and steel axe icons. Green for all required energy available, yellow, more than half, red less than half Modding Progress bar style enables to specify different colors for different ranges of values. Fixed extra mousebuttons over gui behavior https: Fixed bug when train was self-damaging when driving backwards at the end of the rail more. Inserter’s logistic condition is copied when building inserter from blueprints.

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Fixed the error reporting with fault definition. Fixed that the number in the logistic GUI wasn’t set to 0 when the slot was cleared more. GUI Progress bar showing electricity availability is now colored.

Version history/0.10.0

Fixed minor bugs with ignored low influences in entity placement. Fixed the visualization of shooting target. Fixed bug when effect from beacon factorio 0.10.12 applied twice after load. Fixed extra mousebuttons over GUI behavior more. Map map2scenario reports errors correctly instead of crashing. Orientation of factoriio and fish can be changed via entity orientation property in Lua API i.

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Fixed bug when entity factorio 0.10.12 copy for wires was not working at all for logistic containers. Modding Disallowed duplicate technology ingredient and duplicate lab input. Added the missing help methods to Lua objects. Sound effects for car and trains.


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Scripting Fixed dummy caninsert functions for car and character more. Game doesn’t crash when no scenario is selected in custom scenarios screen.

Reduced creeper spawning in big and dense nests reduces problem factorio 0.10.12 the “big save bug”: Fixed bug where placing assembling machine over assembling machine of the same type could result into repetitive placing more. Fixed that unresearching quickbar slots crashed the game more. Fixed that player was oversupplied factoro some cases more.

Version history

Provider has biggest priority, then storage and the last one is passive provider. Fixed crash on loading save where generator equipment has been removed because same mods are not installed.

Changes Removed the trailer mod from the standard distribution to avoid factorio 0.10.12.

There is a bug for games newly factorio 0.10.12 in 0. The right UI container is slightly larger, so it can contain the robot info without enlarging. Enjoy the quick radar rescan when loading old saves done since there were changes to what is drawn on the map generalmek wrote: Fixed the inserter not working properly when loading a train wagon on junction.

Fixed that player wasn’t notified about items collected from belts when rebuilding them with different direction. Optimized smoke update more. Cargo wagon can have filters in the inventory.


factorio 0.10.12 Fixed bug when train with 0.1.12 locomotives with opposite directions was not moving backwards when first locomotive had no coal. However, I just downloaded the latest stable release manually and reinstalled Factorio.

Slots with filter have a blue background both in quickbar and in cargo wagon. Balancing The maximum factorio 0.10.12 of enemy expansion was increased from 5 to 7. Active machines close to the player create a small factory orchestra. Fixed placement of rocks getting rid of stone rings, more. Fixed that furnace started to process the input even with no energy, factorko it looks like the item vanished, as the processing progress bar stops at 0 more.

Configuration option max-texture-size in config file section [graphics] Scripting API call game.