To rate and review, sign in. After the very disappointing Understone downloadable content pack for Fable III, Lionhead is back with a more satisfying expansion that adds not only quite a bit of real estate to Albion, but presents an actual challenge. Experience your first grand adventure as the ruler of Albion, visiting the kingdom’s secret prison and tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the land. It wasn’t long before she was declared a witch and was imprisoned at Ravenscar. If spared, Faraday is brought back to Ravenscar Keep to receive treatment for his wounds and is then released.

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These come in the form of three different sets of diary entriesand the prison warden’s Penologist’s Handbook. First, they’re entirely black and white. Faraday reveals that Logan tried to force him to build a robotic army.

You know, unlike the last battle in Fable III. When they arrive on the island, they are given a tour by a friendly robot named Fable 3 traitors keep dlc. Open in new tab. It’s also worth pointing out that Turner can use the very existence of the Keep as a deciding factor in any argument he chooses falbe make in favour of getting rid of Albion’s king or queen. Traitor’s Keep starts with an assassination attempt on your monarch.

Three hopeful regicides escape during a prison riot and set off to their headquarters strewn across Albion. Fable III video game preview at X When Milton entered the study, Turner ambushed him and kidnapped Hobson.


But these bouts manage to entertain because the pleasant visuals give you something pretty to stare at, and the robots are at least a new foe to square off against. If they’ve been evil, his case for their dismissal is even stronger. Much to their keep, the doors to the cells of these madmen are opened and a fight ensues.

Fable III: Traitor’s Keep Quest Pack Review – GameSpot

That minor quibble aside, there’s a lot dkc admire about Traitor’s Keep. After arriving on the island, the Hero and Milton are attacked by balverines that the Godwin family kept as “pets”. I think this dlc is better than the understone quest pack due to this has more gameplay and content. The Hero finds Hobson tied into a device similar to the one used by Witchcraft Mary to gather the essence of various creatures.

Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. The fable 3 traitors keep dlc enters the Keep through the sewers, where they’re told the lowest level in the prison is where the criminally insane — those who trxitors “barely human anymore” — are kept is affectionately known as ‘The Pit’.

Read our review traitots for more. I also appreciated the new moral choices, which look like krep will have real weight in future Albion adventures. Report this product to Microsoft Potential violation Offensive content Child exploitation Malware or virus Privacy concerns Misleading app Poor performance. Milton miraculously transforms into the exact image of the hero with all of their power and abilities, but with the opposite morality. Commander Milton, Hobson, and the hero resolve to recapture the three inmates starting with Professor Faraday.


After a quick conversation about the man who sent the assassin, the Hero agrees to go with the Commander fale to Ravenscar Keep ; Albion’s most secure prison and fable 3 traitors keep dlc Logan sent most of his enemies.

Traitor’s Keep

Follow Steam Curator List. The assassin is an escapee from the island prison of Ravenscar Keep, a rather nasty hive of villainy.

Ldc discovers through the Keep’s library that Professor Faraday was responsible for the technological growth of Albionbut was imprisoned and lost all of his assets to Reaver. After striking the hero’s dog with the fireball spell, an enraged hero exclaims “Leave.

Milton reveals that Turner never left the Keep and was hiding in a network of secret passageways. Five minutes into an outstanding quest, my save game data bugged. Available on Xbox One. There are also new costumes to collect, weapons to track down, and even a skin for your dog that transforms him into a steam-powered robot. Considering you’ve bought the so-so game you kinda already know what this dlc is. Besides its plot, which will take players around 3 to 5 hours to complete if they zoom through it, fable 3 traitors keep dlc DLC contains quite a bit of new content.