Only multiples of 90 degrees are supported. Engine codes are constants and will never change, but the default OCR engine may change from release to release. Palette 4,8 Default compression: The most important alternative is the WIA library. Sometimes this driver is device-specific and is provided by the device manufacturer. The window can be resized by the user. Beginning with EZTwain Pro 3.

eztwain library

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See the warning below about units. If you set this to FALSE, your window can receive user input while an Acquire is in progress, and your code must be prepared for this. The source may select this eztwwain type, but don’t assume it will. Note that as of EZTwain Pro 3. If there is any problem, returns the empty string.

eztwain library

A return of 0. We urge you to configure your application or calling DLL for multithreading: This is not true. Returns 0 if not. Unlike most post-processing modes, this mode is on by default.

eztwain library

An existing file will be overwritten. Contact Dosadi Support if you have questions about this. If you pass a null string to this function, it looks for a button with one of the common English labels: GetCap is the core function for querying the value linrary a capability.


EZTwain imaging library system – add TWAIN scanning or image capture to your application.

The settings dialog is an optional TWAIN feature librwry It is a dialog that allows all of the devices settings to be viewed and adjusted, but does not allow images to be acquired. This alternative leaves you exposed to the following risk: You should not assume that the source will honor your restrictions, even if this call succeeds! The device must support this optional feature, see above.

Returns NULL in case of error, or if no image on clipboard. However we experienced much slower scanning when searching for diagonal barcodes.

There is more detailed history in the file History. Obtain a License Key Scan a Multipage Document Only valid in State 4.

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Note that the value returned is ASCII byte text, not unicode, and always includes an ending 0 byte, even if it must be truncated to fit. Although this release of EZTwain Pro only supports eztwaain engine, we expect to support additional engines in the future. Compression is always by LZW. A OneValue is treated as an array with 1 element.


eztwain library

WIA is a standardized Win32 API for acquiring digital images from devices that are primarily used to capture still images, and for managing these devices. This is overkill in almost all cases, and you will commonly specify an item index of 0. Use the Code Wizard to get started It is in fact a DLL, and functions as a temporary extension of the application. This call will fail if the Source Manager is not loaded.

Borland Delphi Run the Code Wizard to get started – see above. Parameters f ignored for now Return Values 0 success other internal test failed.