The rhymes are disconnected, but well written and deserves attention. Rest in peace Eyedea! It starts with Eyedea rhyming vacantly, so we don’t understand. Here we find Eyedea as a teacher. Alright, cutting the jokes, this is abstraction at its best.

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This can look like nonsense, but it’s not the point at all.

He only knows her by eyede father point of view – that she was a “monster”. Eyedea talks about a feeling not known by the Average Joe. It starts with a nice rainy sound, but it gets a little repetitive, and the beat doesn’t help at all.

More by Eyedea & Abilities

Outstanding production with a super haunting bassline. It’s close to “Blindly Firing”, confronting rappers and talking how good they are on the mic. Eyedea talks about a lot of things, especially people’s feelings and his abstract lines, most about himself.


He talks about people’s angst, on finding out what is life all about. AaroN June 28th Comments. Year of the Snitch. How our mind can trick us and let us alone completely insane and full of doubts.


Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. He talks about a man that left the war, but the consequences of it are still haunting him. It’s a pretty cool introduction, the first beat is very confortable, and the second one is ok.

The story goes about a man that never knew his mother.

First Born (Instrumentals)

Your grammar wasn’t bad at all, props. So, this is pretty far up there frist the hip-hop quality chart. Really nice production, following the fast flow of the lyrics. Alright, cutting the jokes, this is abstraction at its eyedea first born. The song flows very well, specially on the chorus. Eyedea talks to a “fish” about how its life is better than his.

Eyedea and Abilities – First Born (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

The guitar riff at the beginning is beautiful and very melodic. I pretty quickly decided that having it at a 5 for my first listen was quite preemptive, so I bumped it down to a 4. Spec February 24th Firt.


But still a good track. Dinosaur February 24th Comments. Just trust him on this one, it’s his storytelling and imagination at their finest.

ā€ˇFirst Born by Eyedea & Abilities on Apple Music

He rhymes about disconnected things, but most of them have in commom a contrary metamorphosis – “Love becomes hate”. How much of it is real””. Eyedea first born have to be logged in to post a comment. The content of the lyrics is not that interesting. Can’t forget the nice outro at the end! Here we find Eyedea as a teacher. Syedea come full circle and bumping it back up to a 5. Rhyming about something we can’t escape from – the doubts of life.