It could be because of incorrect resizing of icons by the author. You can get it from the MacCiti repo from Cydia. It is a rule of thumb in design that you should leave more white space and not fill up everything with content. You should know how to install a package using Cydia. Copyright Mobile Nations Digital Point modules: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It has circular masking on all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs.

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The Waterfall Model Explained. This is what happens when Apple dabbles into music. Thanks for the feedback, See below, 1. How to organize your life better using technology? Why Has HomePod Struggled?

A year and three months later! Arranged all icons per instructions.

Mojito is just as impressive and fluid equix iphone 4 theme the real beverage. Uh, not too great, unlike the theme itself. Best Themes for the iPhone. Enter username or email. The issue with visible original springjumps icons yheme opening a folder or multitasking bar is definitly solvedlike i thought, using bundle folders for that icons was the solution.


How to download music on your iPhone using iTunes Store. Skip to the list! Does anyone know of a good colorkeyboard to use with this?

Best iPhone Themes

Hey Blue, this theme is amazing! Comes with next version of equiX. Got a new Apple Watch? Originally Posted by kane4lsu. But it sure is the cutest theme you could slap on your iPhone. Three new themes added. Depending on which version you choose, you get a different set of app badges, page dots, status bars and even activity spinners. Nevertheless, Mint 2 is available from the Macciti repo: It has a mesmerizing equix iphone 4 theme of gradient-filled icons.

Please read the FAQ at post one or in your theme folder: This theme, thankfully, esuix the effect of that rule.

Best iPhone Themes

Originally Posted by dutchme. Some might be compatible to the 3GS model, but the experience will not be at par with that of the new models. It has circular masking on all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs. Learn how your comment data thsme processed.


How to Set Up a Wireless Bridge. How Does a Wireless Router Work.

Best iOS 11.3.1- 11.4 Cydia jailbreak themes- 2 [Updated]

This only happens if I install anemone. It is available on the official Electra repo.

I’ll let you know how it goes.