To use Alpha Keys, you should have Metercat 1. Alpha Keys starts and displays the main window. Configuring connections in Metercat To configure connections: The next meter must be capable of being upgraded with all the selected upgrade options and Soft Keys must be available on the Hard Key. Alpha Keys User Guide 21 3. Alpha Keys User Guide 6 1. Click Install Alpha Keys.

elster metercat software

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elster metercat software

For a multiple users installation, from the Tools menu, select User Management. Read the license agreement. Requirements To operate Alpha Keys, you need the following: KRF file 32 Hard Key contents 26, 31, 34 remaining counts Alpha Keys User Guide 22 3.

The Alpha Keys software is installed on the same computer as the Metercat software. For a single user installation, from the Metercaat menu, select Account Information.

Metercat 3.5 updates

Select the appropriate upgrades from the Upgrade Choices listing. The meter passwords will be reset to the factory default of all zeros and the LCD display will be set to the All Segment Test. Alpha Keys User Guide 17 2. NET Framework is installed on your computer.


Elster Solutions – Software tools

Alpha Keys will prevent Soft Keys from being lost due to inappropriate or duplicate upgrade attempts. Click Transfer Soft Keys. Alpha Keys User Guide 31 4. Upgrade Choices displayed are dependent on the meter type of the connected meter and the remaining Soft Keys on lester active Hard Key. See Metercat User Guide for details.

Elster Solutions – Metercat updates

Successful upgrade After the connected meter has been upgraded, Alpha Keys performs the following: Assign your meter passwords to the User Group: Select the appropriate meter family tab.

Alpha Keys identifies the connected meter elstef displays the available upgrade options. Pgmr Metercat programmer ID. Check for Hard Keys 8.

elster metercat software

Click Yes to continue the installation. To specify a meter password set: Alpha Keys main window On the right side of the main window, Flster Keys displays a Hard Key tab showing the following information for the active Hard Key: Repeat for other meter families as needed. Alpha Keys User Guide 7 1. Digital Signature dialog 6.


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Digital Signature Not Found dialog 3. To replenish a Hard Key: Alpha Keys User Guide 27 3. Alpha Keys installation confirmation 5. Alpha Keys User Guide 19 3. The meter must be programmed after metrcat has been upgraded with Alpha Keys. Create a new or edit the existing Optical Probe connection and specify the port of your optical probe.

Click Next to continue. Alpha Keys – Upgrade Choices 5.