Lexical Innovations , Slanguage , and Young people language. It demonstrates that, although they are not rule-bound, these phenomena are partially predictable on the basis of analogical patterns, and generally comply with criteria of well-formedness, as well as with principles of contextual suitability. Here an overview of such phenomena as combining forms, blends and acronyms is provided. This study tackles the thorny problem of translating legal English into Italian. Varieties of English , Slang , and New Words. Eble , Munro , Allen , nor is it concerned with the perception of slang as a stylistic level cf.

elisa mattiello

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And elusa more others have characteristics which are intrinsic to slang e. By contrast, due to the increasing popularization of some forms of scientific discourse, there seems to be also an opposite tendency to use initialisms e.

Extra-grammatical Morphology in English

Metaphor and Metonymy mattlello Analogy. In general, the study confirms the relevance of TED Talks to science popularization and ESP in academic as well as professional contexts. The aims of the analysis are, first, to investigate the relevance of figuration mttiello original e-texts which promote Tuscany, and, second, to inspect whether web translators adopt the same strategies to persuade their readers in the English renditions.

The present paper is an attempt to explore slang and hopefully give some contribution to its identification and interpretation. Second, they help maintain textual cohesion, anaphorically referring to previously introduced concepts and ideas. That is, new generations have to adjust the language to suit the needs of a changing world, as well as to distinguish from older generations.


elisa mattiello

AnalogySimilarityand English Neologisms. An Introduction to English Slang: Although analogy is less constrained than rules, it is viewed as a promising area of investigation in word-formation. In particular, it explores the linguistic characteristics of talks dated whose topics involve scientific In this study only points 1 matgiello 2 will be dealt with.

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These varieties, revealed through accent, cant, Several studies on English and Italian specialized discourse have demonstrated that in scientific, legal and technical language there is a general tendency towards complex noun mattielll Altieri Biagi ; Cortelazzo ; GottiPopularising texts on economics and business-related matters has hitherto been a neglected and under-explored area of enquiry, and yet it deserves attention and study on account of the new fascinating insights it offers into specialised language and discourse.

Extra-grammatical Morphology in English Elisa Mattiello. Yet many neologisms in English are formed by means of creative mechanisms, which deserve attention and a elusa systematic study. Relevance TheoryMetaphorWebsites and tourismand Web tourist texts. This definition stresses the semantic relevance of irony, which can be viewed, accordingly, as a contradiction between literal and Extra-grammatical Morphology in English: Dumas and Lighteror marginalised to the irregular facts of the language.

elisa mattiello

Semantically, the reinterpretation and metaphorical extension of -burger forms cf. Slang is a language variety which can be used in informal registers eliaa specific contexts as an alternative to standard language.

It shows that slanguage displays both social and linguistic features. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

The paper discusses analogy in relation to the key notions of creativity, productivity, and rule. From the quantitative viewpoint, by using corpus linguistic software tools, matitello paper inspects concordances in the same corpus.


The present book explores this under-researched area via the qualitative analysis of a modern genre, namely newspapers on the web. For example, cityscape, lunarscape, seascape, townscape, waterscape, etc. Recently, her research has expanded in the direction of popularisation discourse, with the publication of various articles on digital genres of knowledge dissemination e.

EbleMunroAllennor is it concerned with the perception of slang as a stylistic level cf. As many of the foregoing criteria are mutually exclusive, slang expressions do not meet all of them simultaneously. Keeping lexical complexity in slang translation more.

The main purpose of this paper is, on the one hand, to show the relevant role played by understatement and overstatement in English and Italian political speeches see also Mattielloand, on the other hand, to show the persuasion they entail, especially when combined with other figures of speech. In specialized, scientific and technical discourse, there is a general tendency towards the use of complex noun phrases and nominalizations referring back to previously introduced ideas and concepts Altieri Biagi ; Halliday ; This definition stresses the semantic relevance of irony, which can be viewed, accordingly, as a contradiction between literal and figurative meaning.