Many of his tunes are known as Narco-Corridos; that’s the name for ballades that tell stories of the drug trade. Despite this, the government of Sinaloa has tried to make the songs illegal in bars, but it was declared unconstitutional. On the contrary, people come to have fun. It’s the label El Komander sings on. Although they’re as old as Mexico itself, big labels haven’t always paid attention to Corridos.

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But on cell from Sinaloa, El Komander just sounds tired. These escandaooso were recording in their houses. You hear him on the radio across Mexico, and you also hear him when driving around Los Angeles.

He also does something more. They had no budget. Valentin Elizalde, allegedly shot up by Zetas drug cartel after a show. Sergio Escandalowo, murdered after a concert in Michoacan. No one has ever killed anyone at one of my shows. Then at parties, he discovered narco-ballads. The Mexican drug war was escalating.

But El Komander says he el komander borracho y escandaloso no ties to any cartel. Although he may have a lot of touring commitments and seems to be constantly on the road, the musician is not reserved in his performance style this evening as he saunters across the large stage in order to greet the whole auditorium personally.


El Komander

His touring schedule may be arduous but he always appears with endless energy as he bounds onto stage to the sound of the komande beats. But we really hope you love us. It’s the label El Komander sings on. It was the early s.

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Social media was exploding. Los Originales De Okmander Juan. Many of his tunes are known as Narco-Corridos; that’s the name for ballades that tell stories of the drug trade. In one of its many, versions the cucaracha or cockroach is thought to refer to Victoriano Huerta, dictator at the time of the Mexican Revolution.

The words allude to the Sinaloa drug cartel named after the state in northwestern Mexico. She asked that her last name not be used because her boyfriend was killed in a shooting.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

borracho y escandaloso el komander

By the end there is a sturdy connection built between himself, his live band and the hundreds of fans who are cheering him escandaposo as he takes the final bows this evening. He sings about blue-collar guys who dream of parties and alcohol and women. Live reviews El Komander Alfredo Rios better known by his apt stage name El Komander is one of Mexico’s most recognisable performers internationally as he finds fans for his music through the Obrracho and a large amount of South America.


He says government pressure, in the form of fines and banned or canceled concerts, is forcing him to think about retirement. El Komander is huge on el komander borracho y escandaloso sides of the border. Rios performed regularly at local venues, developing his unique style, quickly garnering interest escandwloso label scouts, who were impressed with his enthusiastic and rowdy songs that captured the growing momentum of the Latin alternative komznder, or Narocorridos. A Mexican music star says he’s had enough.

So I was looking for boreacho real. I just write about what you hear in the streets, in the news. Narocorridos, or Drug Ballad, is a north Mexican subgenre that blends traditional folk balladry with polka-based rhythms, dealing with the world of drug cartels and life on the US-Mexico border.

Narco-ballad singers have been killed in the past. Authorities have been cracking down on those songs. The grave belongs to the boyfriend of one of the girls, Christina ph.