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It explores an eternal theme of conjunto music, frustrated love. Cause you know I ain’t no fool and I don’t need no more damn schoolin’. With your sorrows more you’ll consume yourself.

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It was a long drive, beheto which a lot of music played a key role. NPR recently took a trip alongside the U. Our party was deeply divided on the merits of this song, in which the narrator seems to be far from the border, listening to the radio stations that have for generations beamed their signals across the U.

But by the very next line, maybe he’s not: Songs From The U. I can’t think of El Paso, or “the badlands of New Mexico,” without hearing this corazno in my head, and my colleagues had to hear it several times in the car as we approached El Paso.

Borderland Music: Songs From The U.S.-Mexico Frontera

Then again, maybe the local tourism promoters would like it. Once again, the singer is troubled by a woman: But when I told a friend I was going to Juarez, he started singing it. This is one el bebeto corazon de acero Selena’s hits from before her tragic death inwhen she was killed just before her 24th birthday by the president of her fan club. Dispatches From The U. Well, let me run on out and tell the cab to keep his meter d.


Latino highlights some of the music heard along the way. But when she arrived in Texas she could only be she-LAY-nah, which is the way the famous singer of the s pronounced it.

Corazon de acero el bebeto

Instructions to verify your account have been sent. Wall Of Voodoo Song: Wanna just walk the line New Password Please choose a new password. Smule Are you still there? And your gravity fails and negativity don’t accero you through. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. When he describes getting high, shooting his woman and taking a nap, the prisoners actually cheer.

Redirecting you to Account Kit phone number login. Nevertheless, I wish el bebeto corazon de acero the best. I’m really not sure the reference has anything to do with the Lone Star State, but it was magnificent to play while racing across the flatlands between San Antonio and Brownsville.

Send me occasional email updates. Tulsa Time from Back from the Edge This is a great road-trip song in any direction, but as it happened, we were moving the same way as the narrator when we played it el bebeto corazon de acero “going to Arizona, maybe on to California. When Intocable played Juarez on March 8, this popular group was the warm-up act, featuring a handsome young man in purple pants with full-blown brass accompaniment.


When you move your waist as you dance. April 12, 9: In some ways, borders that divide countries are concrete and inescapable. Our Mexican colleague Ana Minian was deeply familiar with this song of a man who crosses illegally into the U.

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