Integer – Maximum height of the RowDetailPanel. New components to access services through technology DataDrivers – ConnectionProviders. Event is call after SumList recalculate aggregated values. Homepage Install Package IronOcr 4. Its possible consider as an array of records.

ehlib 6.2

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Added property – STFilter: TGridDrawStyleEh type has the following properties: Can sort data in various dataset’s. It accelerated the write operation to the file, but changed the location of the file when IniFileName property is not specified a full path. Now, home page of ehlib is http: Visit website to learn more http: So edit buttons of the Edit controls enlib be associated with action. Homepage Universal Data Access Components 6.

ehlib 6.2

Record is moved by striking and moving mouse over indicator column. The current version of the library contains the following components: Second line for nonchecked.

TMemTableEh – dataset, which hold all data in memory. To display a tree-type structure of TMemTable records. Occurs when need to build list ehljb menus before menu is shown. Install Package IronOcr 4.


ExirBox – EhLib D7-XE

LuminateSelection to false at run time. MoveRecords, where code save values of record, delete ehljb and insert new values in ehlb position specified by RecNo. Allows to show hint ToolTips for text that don’t fit in the cell. Can have flat style. It specifies the type of the SQL server for the correct operation of the extra operations on the server, such as the value of the incremental the table fields after inserting records, etc.

TGridSelectionStyleEh type contains the following values: Processes changed records of TMemTableEh writes them in other dataset, or call events for processing the changes in program. Net dialectfor The property contains information about the selected area in the Grid. Added possibility to filter data in TreeList mode; usage one array of records eblib the several datasets; moving records in TreeList in dghRecordMoving mode.

ehlib 6.2

Any edit control in EhLib allows to show a DropDown Form by pressing one of the edit buttons within control. Any edit control in EhLib allows to show a DropDown Form by pressing one of the edit buttons within control. TMemTableEh component dataset, which hold data in memory.


ehlib 6.2

Previous in ehlkb Next in thread. You can see screenshots of controls at http: Allows assign values as to KeyValue property just and to display Text property.

To display a tree-type structure of TMemTable records.

Handle represent the metafile in that is recored the data and PrinterPreview. New technology of DropDropForms allows you to create forms that appear and work similarly to the drop down list of TComboBox. Proportional scrolling independently of sequenced of dataset.