There’s a big difference. Recently I have been a part of a project called “Motel Westcoast”. I like doing both, though. Do you have a favorite song or moment from that time with Ed Starink? If you don’t do anything the project will come to a halt.

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Can you tell something about this song, for example whether it has a special meaning to you, and how it has been produced by you and Ed? Besides being a musician you also do reekerw acting and lip-synchronisation. I’m a professional father and I do music on the side as a hobby.

With a solo project you yourself are the motor. When I joined my first professional band I took a couple of singing lessons. He suggested that I’d send in a tape. I’ve been schmefkt in music eversince I was a child.

We would like to thank Edward for his kind cooperation. There’s a big difference. As I said, I always liked working with Ed.

Edward Reekers Song Lyrics

And it’s a lot of fun if you both want to work that way! At the age of 3 I started to play the harmonica and I’ve been singing as edward reekers so schmeckt der sommer as I can remember. Recently I have been a part of a project called “Motel Westcoast”. Thank you very much for the interview, Edward.


Mostly for childrens toys. Dubbing can be a lot of fun! He also performed on Ed’s song “Vicious Circle” for which he also wrote the lyrics. I play keyboards and percussion. Can you tell something about the period when you both met for the first time? I started working for Ed in the ‘s. In your career you also worked spmmer Ed Starink.

Edward Reekers | Songs | AllMusic

They knew my German was fairly good. A friend of mine pointed out to me that Kayak were looking for a new singer. The Official Home of Ed Starink. You also did solo albums and recently you’ve released your third album. StarinkWorld – Interview with Edward Reekers I wrote the music for a couple of commercials. I also translate and direct dubbing projects. Is this for you a kind of relief to your “musical side”?

Edward Reekers

Ed told me he wanted to try and write a song together. I love my family very much and when I’m not working I like to spend time with them and cook for them. He is, inter alia, the lead singer of the Dutch progressive rock band “Kayak”.


I think there is an English version somewhere. Which instruments, besides your great voice, do you play? Are there other versions of this song, for example in other languages?

Did you also write the German lyrics of “So schmeckt der Sommer”?