The demo, “Mahir i Alma”, became Kameleon’s hit of His rapping technique is described as having a perfect flow, [18] also his varied subject matter, connecting with his audience, carrying a concept over a series of albums and got most praised for his ability to write brilliant lyrics. Some media outlets [ who? You take one part of a song and combine it with your text. Lo and Leduc, organizer: When Edo was asked about this in an interview for Svet magazine, he replied “I don’t know where this idea that I will promote my album in Belgrade came from? In April , he released his second album No Sikiriki.

edo maajka babo moj

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Edo maajka held a concert in the Sports Hall Dom sportova in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My album was postponed 1 maxjka just because of that reason, while we waited for the authorization to use that song. You can see that the credit goes to the author on the inside cover of the album. On this particular track, Koolade is not named majka the beat maker, but the author is.

Retrieved from ” https: MenartFmjamHayat Production.

Edo Maajka – Babo Moj

This is Edo Maajka’s North American tour that took place in Lo and Leduc, organizer: Edo answered back by saying “Sampling is not stealing. On day one, the album sold 5, copies. Frenkie and Dj Soul, Guest stars: Edo held a press maajia before the concert where he criticized his sponsors for the firing of workers after they changed their “brand”.


This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Edo Maajka released his first single and maajk video for his mkj album, named To mora da je ljubavbefore his album came out, in which his producer Koolade used the song ” Cissy Strut ” from by The Meters. After a year of studying, he left school due to financial problems and returned to Zagreb to meet a friend from the group Elemental and recorded his first single “Minimalni rizik” Minimum Risk and, a month later, “Mahir i Alma”.

edo maajka babo moj

The following was the Edo Maajka’s tour to promote his second album No Maajma. In hip hop you sample music, you take someones beat and rap on that beat.

edo maajka babo moj

When Edo was asked about this in an interview for Svet magazine, he replied “I don’t know where this idea that I will promote my album in Belgrade came from?

At the end of”Balkansko a Nase” came at number 36 of the year’s top albums.

Edo Maajka – Babo Moj – video dailymotion

Retrieved 4 July The demo, “Mahir i Alma”, became Kameleon’s hit of Some media outlets [ who? I don’t want to go to a country that promotes the burning of mosques, and yet thousands of young people are howling on the streets.

Throughout his career Edo Maajka had several feuds, although most of them have been with artists that are not hip hop musicians. Views Read Edit View history. He lives in Zagreb with his wife and kids. He released two more singles, Jesmo’l sami Are we alone at the end of and Prikaze Spectres at the beginning inwhich officially closed the album.


Archived from the original on 4 July Hip hop is made up of sampling, that is normal.

Edo Maajka lyrics

His popularity brought his group, Disciplinska Komisijawhich Frenkie is a part of, to the mainstream. His fourth album was released on 25 March He is known for his brilliant storytelling ability.

He started the promotion of his third album at the end joj March, the day his album was released. He also recorded a few demo tracks, creating his own instrumentals by beatboxing.

edo maajka babo moj

He went to Tuzla and became a member of the hardcore rap group Diskord, later named Odbrana Defence in Bosnian. Along with the cafe bar, he also plans to publish a weekly magazine which will only focus on positive things that are happening in everyday life and the music scene.