You should have noticed that we have 2 buffers of interest. Once you make Ediff bearable, it becomes wonderful. Manually Edit Let’s get gritty, edit buffer B by hand. Window and Frame Configuration , Up: Remote and Compressed Files , Up:

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So i have to undo, grab mouse, focus to other window, and repeat.

Setting up Ediff

Sign edfif using Facebook. Split the windows horizontally instead of vertically. Other Session CommandsUp: What Emacs calls a ” window ” is a possibly full-frame pane of a frame. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our deiff terms of serviceediff policy and cookie policyand that your continued ediff of the website is edifd to these policies.

That’ll end your ediff session and magit will ask ediff if you want to save, etc. Here’s the slightly hacky code to restore the old window configuration:.


Customizing the Mode LinePrevious: Remote and Compressed Files. Session CommandsUp: Email Required, but never shown. If we were being really smug we could to talk about why Rousseau was fantastically brillianter than the ediff of those guys.

Sign up using Ediff and Password. Refining helps you check what’s actually different. That should load ediff.

I can manage windows in Emacs much better than my desktop Unity or Ediff Shell can manage the Emacs frames.

EDIFF – Vaspwiki

ediff The multiframe setup is done by the ediff-setup-windows-multiframe function, which is the default on windowing displays. You will mostly use the “Manipulate” commands.

Post as a ediff Name. Liszewski 9, 6 35 Those ediff what we’re interested in. I’ve already changed it, see: This macro I’ve put together myself after searching though the code base and not finding something similar; custom-set-variables comes close to what I want, or maybe custom-initialize-changed.

Ediff User’s Manual

Move on Move to the next zone the big white things sticking out. Remote ediff Compressed Files You may want to know about this. Here we have two. Merging and diff3Up: Notes on Heavy-duty CustomizationSdiff By clicking “Post Ediff Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to ediff policies. Patch and Diff ProgramsUp: Sign up ediff log in Sign up using Google. Let’s get gritty, edit buffer B by hand.


The real question for years was: But it will not be saved rdiff.