If you are in a hurry or desperate: You can do pretty much everything from the command-line. The optional third parameter “format” can be used to override the audio format for example you can create an AIFF file with filename “foo. Ewf files are useful for offsetting or time-shifting audio files for instance play a short audio clip in the middle of a long multitrack mix , for minimizing diskspace usage during multitrack recording output offsetting and looping. These controllers are used to control chain operator parameters.

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Cutoff is a value between [0,1], while resonance is between [0,infinity. The tag can be either numerical e. See ecasound man page for info about the preset database. This will play “duration” of “file. Whitespaces are not allowed. Usually the best values for resonance are ecasound 1.

Ecasound User’s Guide

Ecasounv an example, ecasound -i reverse,foo. Ecasound means ecasound it focuses on two key areas: Also all chain operators can handle these multichannel streams. Information about current position is only stored for audio objects and chainsetups. If the input is a file, its type is determined using the file name extension.


On the other hand, positions of different audio objects can ecasouund changed independently. If endianness ecqsound not specified, host byte-order is used.

A chainsetup can contain inputs, outputs, chains, effects, controllers — i. A second important difference is that chains can transport multiple channels of audio. N are passed as is to the child object. Any subsequent SIGINT signals will no longer get special handling, and instead process will terminate ecasound and possibly without proper cleanup. All other objects inputs, outputs, chains, etc are connected to some chainsetup.

The following number specifies sample size in ecasound. If given, this is the static priority to the highest priority ecasound thread.

Otherwise peak average is used. Selects active signal chains.

Ecasound Documentation – Tutorials and Articles

This can be done with by giving the peer client name as wcasound second parameter to the “jack” ecasound, e. It allows multiple independent applications to access the system audio hardware and also to route audio between applications.


You have one input and one output to which you ecasound connect audio producers and consumers like guitar and amplifier for instance. Starting from Ecasound version 2. It should be noted that not all audio objects allow to set any or all of the parameters.

Then you just add another controller as usual. When an audio object is opened ecasound. See the ecasoundrc 5 manual page for details.

This does have one downside, loop ecasound adds latency -b: See the ecasoundrc 5 man page man page. Another important chainsetup concept is that of a selected chainsetup. For example, ecasound -f: As an example, -o jack,system will create an output that is automatically connected to outputs of the default system soundcard. Ecasound both cases the mode can be changed with -G option as described above.