The models aren’t actually EasyFlexibility users. Check out the Challenges Page. I honestly wouldn’t have time for that – I would really like to get in on my splits but I already run for an hour every day and strength train on top of that – I don’t know how I’d fit it in. Nothing even close to the splits unfortunately, and I am wound incredibly tight. I rather liked it.

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It costs easyflexibility bit extra to take real classes, but they check your form and make sure you’re doing everything safely which seems important when you’re starting out. Well it’s very individual. That’s easyflexibility I do for a living now, teaching flexibility lessons. I tried the tilt one. Looking for a routine to follow? It trains center and front splits, and in total is 60mins but you mix and match programs easyflexibility my training was only 30mins ish today I did day 1 of her 30 day challenge.


Level 1 consists of him showing you easyflexibility level 1 and level 2 stretches and then working through easyflexibility level 1 stretches with the models. I was particularly excited about the idea of stretching in a way that would be fitting for ballet specifically: My students are martial artists and dancers, and they just love the exercises and the results.


Welcome to Easyflexibility, the front page of the internet. I tried Squat Depth Flexibility Training last night. As Easyflexibility said I only tried the tilt one easylfexibility wouldn’t want to put u off the whole series. Do it though, even if not daily easyflexibility still better than nothing!

Submit a new link. Here’s the link to the program on sale right now!! You can make good progress without them, so depends on how much the cost matters. Since I’m teaching now I keep buying dvds to get ideas to teach in class. I got annoyed and never ordered, so I’ve just been doing minor stretching on my own.

Has anyone here tried Easyflexibility? Thoughts? : flexibility

Thank you so much for easyflexibility tip, I’d never thought of looking specifically for a contortion class – I think it sounds like a great idea! I have been a gymnast my whole life and this course presented me with a whole new way of stretching.

So yeah I just wanted to give the fuller picture to you. I bought a couple of videos and liked them so easyflexibility that I paid for the qualification. Basically, you pick two goals to work toward and you do two stretches for each goal every day.

My bestie has been doing all the same classes with me and has more natural leg flexibility than me, she had also never done the splits and now does an oversplit with 1 block. They clearly weren’t familiar with easyflexibility stretches and when I was looking for reviews I found jobs ads easyflexibility this:.


To be honest I haven’t used it much. I bought a hamstring video from the same creator when it was called “elastic steel. The warm up is a little weird. It worked for me well. It’s just like the music in the demo on their website. Nothing easyflexibility close to the splits unfortunately, easyflexibility I am wound incredibly tight.

I’ll post back with a review if I do, and in the meantime, I’ll keep my eye out for classes – sounds like a great way to work on flexibility to me! Long story short, the only thing that worked for me as an adult are the split programs on easyflexibility which is the guy’s new method.

Has anyone here tried Easyflexibility? Here’s some comments from there: