It seems to be in good shape, but I do need to replace the left printhead and the Maintenance cartridge. The Alexa rank of easy-data. Just try again after a day or two if it dont work. Maby a couple of weeks. Nice weather and summertime makes me wanna go outside with my dogs instead of sitting in front of my computer. This application is fully portable.

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Download fusion media player – MajorGeeks

Please enter a valid address. The next update of the video player is going to be huge.

I just have to admit that there has been quite little work going on lately. Now things start to be finished here. I did run into a few problems I need to solve to get it to work the way I want. EDM delivers bit perfect untouched sound to your receiver and let it handle the processing of the sound as a receiver is able to handle this way better than any simple sound card easy-data mediaplayer a computer.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

Both for quality enhancement and fun, such as a unsharp filter, vignette filter, simulate sepia tones filter, and a testfilter that enable EDM Video to use MP filters. Do you like my software? When this easy-data mediaplayer done I will probably sell it to a norwegian customer for about I am probably also going to get some help from another programmer in the near future, so the users of my tools may get a pleasant supprice in a couple of months.


There is other type of work I do need to attend at times, and now is one of those times. Both tools you can find on my download pages. So, all in all its just a bit more work than before. The pictures in this video is taken on some of our walkabouts this summer.

So, until then, have a nice time. If interested please contact me by email. Added a few filters.

Download Easy-Data Mediaplayer – Powerful Multimedia Player + lots of tools

It has been a while since last work update. On a normal computer you wont be able mediaplayef make much easy-data mediaplayer, but when you connect a decent receiver to it then the sound quality will blow you away. It is the videoplayer part that needed a few fixes with the subtitle support. Just to make it clear, I will continue with mediiaplayer the tools on this site, and all promised upcoming tools.

And all I want to say so far is that the possibilities with these new components far exceeds a standard covermaker. The Audio player part is also almost ready for release, but I dont think it will be uploaded before early next week.


Easy-Data Mediaplayer

It is really simple in use. There is still some work to be done but it eas-data to get close to release of version 3. I don’t want this program to be good, I want it to be the best!

It is still hard to say when the audio player will be ready for release, but I think it will be finished this month. This is a Danish band with the following members: Supports most audio formats. Today I have a rank of Be connected on your terms – we won’t share anything without your permission. It’s fast, free and easy to sign in with Facebook.

Easy-data mediaplayer makes it more easy for mediaplaysr to create even better softwares for you. This is a major update and all old versions be updated to thisone. I guess I do something right, but it is lot of work to be done, so until next time.