It is really simple in use. It is still hard to say when the audio player will be ready for release, but I think it will be finished this month. You can expect updates of all above tools before christmas. The site seems to continue to go well. Is there a problem with this product? Have a nice day!

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I think I could manage to do both without problems.

Free MP4 Player for windows 7 free download

Download Now Before you download: But it can also be used on normal screens. As usual you will find it on our download page. It is the videoplayer part that needed a few fixes with the subtitle support. I have been working out what to do with all the easy-data mediaplayer options I now have regarding this, and start writing the code for the new tool. Sign in to FN.

Still, it is completely portable and does not need installation, No registry settings added, and no external codecs needed. There is not much settings regarding sound.


No other media player is even close when it comes to usefulness. The pictures in this video is taken on some of our walkabouts this summer.

Well, I have found what I was looking for. This update fixes some bugs with norwegian subtitles, and hence only usable for norwegians.

I am working on some filters to use with the video player part. Switch to FN Mobile.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

An updated version of this tool is released today. I had one day off reasoned my main computers screen suddenly died. Nothing eaxy-data is changed. That said, it requires a lot of work from my part, and it will take some time to finish. I hope everything is ok now, but if you get any error messages please inform me.

At the same time I have also been working on several other changes and fixes on the other mediaplaayer on this site. As usual you will find it on easy-data mediaplayer download pages. The world rank of easy-data.

Download – Easy-data-mediaplayer

There is no need for codecs as this tool has everything inbuildt. Updated version released today. Is there a problem with this product? I don’t want this program to be good, I want it to be the best!



VOB files, some nice easy-data mediaplayer to get information on movies, actors and highest rated TV-series and Movies also by genre. The first application meediaplayer is coming on moday. The next version is also using the ffmpeg. If you use any of my products please consider a donation easy-data mediaplayer a little help by telling your friends about this site and its tools.

The audio player part is put on hold for a little while. Lots of new stuff, and enhancements. The rest is probably going to be about my dogs: Both for quality enhancement and fun, such as a unsharp filter, vignette filter, simulate sepia tones filter, and a testfilter that enable EDM Video to use MP filters.