We recorded in there, and using a lot of volunteers from the church jumping in at different points. Making Disciples God reveals himself through us to others. But having an idea of what to expect can help. To learn more about each of these, click the links below. Dustin Kensrue , Stuart Townend. But, on the other hand, Dustin and any kind of music results in all good things. Retrieved October 14,

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Retrieved October 12, He talks about that he would be the one who died for his people to save them. I wanted to force the viewer into dealing with the issue of the song.

Retrieved October 14, But I think it turned out pretty well.

The Water & the Blood

Jesus was a man who claimed to be God. We value community Church is more than a service. The album has sold 19, oensrue in the US as of April Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So he — the funny thing is he wrote it kind of not even thinking about that way — more of a private worship thing.


The truth is that, the one who is leading the music is leading worship. You can view your notes at any time, and share them with anyone you choose. So a lot of the dstin deals with that in various ways.

Interview: Dustin Kensrue on The Water and the Blood – Reel Gospel

I got to work with Stuart Townend on that who has written some of the greatest modern hymns out there right now. I tried to do that with Thrice songs too. When you see constantly that the New Testament writers are referencing back to that Scripture as well. The album has seen commercial and critical success. And so it moves through a progression into that chorus where there is rejoicing in suffering and then rises out of that.

If you blooc a fan of any of his previous work, then you will enjoy this fantastic album. He welds together doctrinal richness with memorable melodies, truly setting a challenge and raising the bar for worship music yet to come. Most of them are pretty new. There are three main parts to every Sunday service: The two are not necessarily tied together. Afterwards I start seeing that my brain was focusing on one thing or another.


Retrieved October 16, To learn more about each of these, click the links below. Church is more than a service. Retrieved January 1, So a lot of amazing things, and a eustin of smaller, incidental things as it talks about the fact he would be beaten watdr recognition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like, your family, that can be an idol.

I like Suffering Servant a lot. So once we set the dates for recording I was able to make more progress. We invite you to learn more about this man who is God and how you can find forgiveness and new life in him.

The Water & the Blood by Dustin Kensrue on Spotify

And is it clear enough? But, on the kenstue hand, Dustin and any kind of music results in all good things. New Ghost Ship album launches!