Adding a countdown timer to your frontpage. This page setup detailed below will assist you to setup the pages and get rid of the message. You can also set up a “guest profile”. If you want to test your setup, then set up a sandbox environment see above. View the navigation setup video. After adjusting a value remember to save the values so that you do not lose them. Linking ot lower level elements will break your menu system.

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Some of the videos are used accross multiple themes.

To access the demo file, extract the file downloaded from Themeforest dunamis wordpress theme look for the demo. Minimal vs standard header. It’s advisable not to import the demo content untill the theme and all the plugins have been installed. You also need to translate the cromax helper plugin in the same basis as the theme.

If you already have a profile and want to use the mediascast profile as a second profile, just assign a nonexistant email address. On the next screen under “import attachments” click to download and import all attachments. Slideshow image without photoshop. Adding a countdown timer to your frontpage. You will now have two pages, one is the home page with the front page template, one is the blog page without any template. After installation you will see a message at the top of the page telling you that your theme has not been set up properly.


Link a megamenu to navigation. On dunamis wordpress theme top of the page click on “manage locations” and set your menu locations. You will use the “blog” page in settings reading to add to the menu. Dunamis – Modern Church theme By Cro. Slideshow image with photoshop.

wordress Click the triangle next to the business account and click on profile 6. Setting up the Paypal sandbox environment will allow you to setup demonstration accounts that will function just like normal paypal accounts to test your environment. In the video there is two menu settings to set, but in the dunsmis theme there is dunamis wordpress theme a lot of menu’s the initial menu locations to set for this theme is as follow: If the theme looks different on the video, do not be alarmed, The actions will be the same accross the themes.

Dunamis – Modern Church theme

Copy the official wordpress language files. Remember to import the demo content for the slider Revolution before importing the demo content for the site. Thank you for supporting Croma and your purchase of Dunamis. Click on “browse” and open the slider demo zip file. In the page that opens next, Select “upload” just below the Page title and in the window that will open, browse to the zip file and click the “install now button”.


Linking ot lower level elements will break your menu system. Text message over image. Go to your plugins section in the admin and add and activate the codestyling localization plugin. You should only link mega menu elements ot the top level pages. The different dunamis wordpress theme components. View the navigation setup video.

Download Free Dunamis v – Modern Church theme – Download Free Themes

View the parallax composer video. After downloading the theme from Themeforest, extract the contents dunamis wordpress theme the downloaded zip file to your computer. Setting up a success and failure page for paypal payments. Select “install from the “bulk actions” dropdown and click the “apply” button. Adding a page component to your frontpage. The theme options is available as a subtab of the croma.