Drudkh is a band that has composed albums that are quite meaningless to be listed or compared together. Songs often have very catchy melodies and the riffing is often powerful and dramatic. That may have been true for Forgotten Legends and Autumn Aurora , but by the time of Blood in Our Wells , it’s clear that that statement was forged to some degree of bullshit. The lyrics in this album are only available in Ukrainian unless you have the Deluxe Edition, I believe. The first time I was introduced to Drudkh’s music a year ago I believe the song was First Snow , I found it boring and unimaginative; a Burzum wannabe, if you will. Limited edition multi-color long sleeve shirt with front, back, and sleeve prints. Sadly, few do hear it, but those who have the opportunity to hear albums like Forgotten Legends, Autumn Aurora, The Swan Road, and now, the most recent album, Blood In Our Wells, are able to experience a journey into the depths of music unlike any other.

drudkh blood in our wells

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After this begins the main journey in the form of beautifully created and expressed folkish black metal with distortion. The lyrics to “Furrows of Gods” are adapted from a poem by Lina Kostenko ; the lyrics to “When the Flame Turns to Ashes” are adapted from a poem by Oleksandr Oles ; the lyrics to “Solitude” are once again taken from the work of Taras Shevchenko ; and the lyrics to “Eternity” are lifted verbatim from the work of Yuriy Klen.

As the album progresses, it runs out of ideas and treads water with the last three tracks firmly in a hard rock zone with barely any black metal bite. No doubt inspired by notions of national pride, Blood in our Wells is littered with hopeful uplifting sections, which do a lot for the album’s dynamics and welks some nice variation from the more slow burning hypnotic riffs.


Blood in Our Wells – Wikipedia

And of course, the bass puts the icing on the cake for the overall thickness of the sound. If we were living in a parallel world where the good live long and happy lives and the bad always get their just desserts, “Blood The shortest song from “Blood Along with countrymates Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh are the future of BM and if this is the case, then the future looks extremely promising.

The vocals sound so useless and inert compared to before that they should have been omitted. And lur I am absolutely blown away by what these guys iin created. DRUDKH embrace epic folk-influenced melodies and create cinematic and luxuriant atmospheres charged with bitterness, melancholy and sorrow.

With lyrics in Ukrainian, the themes of the album might be impenetrable to most people who live outside Ukraine unless they know something of that country’s history and culture.

When one of their albums, like Forgotten Legends is less impressive, it’s usually because they’ve stretched an idea out too long. This is Drudkh’s newest full deudkh album, number four, which is just as powerful, epic, majestic and beautiful as the previous ouf. I thought the second track was completely worthless wdlls the very last minute where it barely cleaned up its act with the acoustic, folky outro.

Obviously, the band wants to go for an overall folk sound with the acoustic guitar and even with their regular metal sound, but they do it better than most bands.

Go get this album now.

They’re extremely proud, sad, and angry on this album, and every minute of music here serves as testament to that fact. In the years that I have heard BM, I had not seen a band perform such synthesis of the ojr that conform its sound: Drudkh is a jewel for black metal world.


Drudkh – Blood In Our Wells – LP COLOURED

The guitaring here really touched my heart. The name of the album comes from a line of the poem by Oleh Olzhych and, like its predecessor, it features lyrics taken from classical Ukrainian poetry, and the sound is more influenced by folk music and pagan metal this time around, with most compositions consisting of two or more interlocking movements.

drudkh blood in our wells

Krov u nashykh krynytsyakh is the fourth album by Ukrainian black metal band Drudkhreleased in and dedicated to Stepan Banderaformer leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. While black metal by itself isn’t usually tied to a specific region, folk music often is, and the inclusion gives their black metal mainstay a greater weight as a result. The production is a little bit more decent than that of “Swan TIDAugust 16th, Most all of Drudkh ‘s ideas are good or great.

drudkh blood in our wells

It almost as if, God created Mr. This doesn’t mean much, however, because Solitude, Eternity and Ukrainian insurgent army are all incomparable kur of black metal too. Streaming and Download help.

Drudkh | Blood In Our Wells – LP COLOURED – Black Metal | Season of Mist

As the title of the review suggests, Drudkh is the best band to come out of the BM scene in at least a decade, no shit. Wellss of Grief and Solitude To put it simply: Retrieved October 10, Write your own review. The last album was step down, everyone could tell, but people are somehow praising this one when all I see is doo doo butter.