From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The domain of the warrior priests was extended. Therefore, within the prophecies of the Chilam Balam they laid the seeds of their own reconstruction – but not simply as Maya. Naturally the priests of third-dimensional time are blind to the limits of the record upon which they are recording and being recorded. By the Dragon born, the twenty solar tribes of the planetary kin appeared on Timeship Earth. How this new era unfolds is a collaboration involving each one of us.

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In this way the planetary kin of Timeship would become the rainbow nation. This has dreamspell calendar a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this. Dec 6, Reply. The Time Shift, July 26,is the first step readying the Timeship for completion of its mission.

Look for your name and click on it to read. Each castle wavespell is formed by two gates, two towers, and nine chambers.

Dreamspell Genesis

The Law of Time embraces both systems in the higher fourth-dimensional order of truth. Impostors, male priests and warriors usurped the power drfamspell the Thirteen Moons. By using this site, you dreamspell calendar to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Kim Raising Babes Naturally says:. This application introduces an oracle that reflect the energies of specific dates. Catastrophic disturbances also occurred on Mars, the fourth planet out. Commencement of overlay of Dreamspell of History. There is no conflict Each wavespell is years, each castle years. Oct 26, Reply. The Galactic Culture Shop Visit our on-line store, offering: Visit our on-line store, offering: She helps dreamspell calendar activate the power of calehdar personal Galactic Signature and enliven a deeper connection with your own divine spirit and destiny!


We’ve spoken about how the mathematics of the Law of Time establishes the cosmology dreamspell calendar a new scientific order, but we have science and myth. The name of the solar seal of the day of 20 solar seals and the name of the galactic tone of 13 tones combine to create a galactic signature for every day.

~ More than just a Calendar ~

The Dreamspell cures the memory virus while restoring your fourth-dimensional memory circuits. Time was compressed into a flat circle. I am Blue Overtone ,Storm, Kin harmonic.

Genesis of memory cell five: The basis of the Dreamspell Calendar is that time is not linear, but cyclic, and so does not require a strict “numbering” of years. The glyph for Dali yellow symbolizes the sahasrara chakra seventh chakra ; the glyph for Seti red symbolized the muladhara chakra first chakra ; the glyph dreamspell calendar Gamma white symbolizes the ajna sixth chakra ; the glyph for Kali blue symbolizes the svadhisthana second chakra ; the glyph for Alpha yellow symbolizes the vishuddha fifth chakra ; the glyph for Limi red symbolizes the manipura third chakra ; and the glyph for Dreamspell calendar white symbolizes the anahata fourth chakra.


By the Dragon born, the twenty solar tribes of the planetary kin appeared on Timeship Earth.


The radial simultaneity of fourth-dimensional time creates a holosphere of ever more complex orders of synchronicity. Learn about the origin of this multi-dimensional calendar, and dreamspell calendar this Time Science is truly a Gift from The Ancient Future Begin your journey into Galactic Time by decoding your birthdate and finding out your Cosmic Identity!

My shadow my whole life it feels. Caldndar more than fifty-two hundred years are available to be recorded in the grooves of the record, and then no more dreampsell be recorded.

Teachers, philosophers and visionary sons dreamspell calendar the ancient time called for a recollection of the original order of Timeship Earth. The 13 Moons are named after the 13 galactic tones.

This particular version, as I stated above comes from Dr.