Somehow it reminds me of computer glitches. Dannic – Rocker Dannic is good at his job. This song actually came out in It got to me every single time anyone dropped it. It even sounds like the drop of the song was the first thing he came out with. Showtek Tony Romera Ummet Ozcan. But this Electro House song has a thing to it that wants to make us jump.

drakarta original mix

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It got to me every single time anyone dropped it. I would describe it like if we took big room house and took out that bass in the drum and made the notes on the drop and added bass to that.

And they do there job really well.

But in that song all there really doing is the melody and a good job of it. Tony Romera – Love Trip feat. Music Tony Romera Tristan Garner. They contribute to the lead of Cairo and to the 2nd drop of the song. New music remix twisted fedde le grand tony romera favorite.


Drakarta (Original Mix)

The vocals are ok. Its a great song for the crowd at tomorrowland. Before I do one, some mentions.

drakarta original mix

As time passed I got used to big room and I started to like this song. So we had to guess who did it.

Drakarta. Слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

And this was the first thing to come out. Off from both of their original style a bit too.

drakarta original mix

Adam Yngstom – Nightmare Original Mix I said it was because it was perfect the way it was for me. Read the full interview here: Because of its catchy tune, it makes 2 on my list.

Tony Romera | Free Music Streaming

Listen Tony Romera – Public Enemy original mix. I like it when an artist has its own original sound like ZROQ has his own rrakarta sound. Thomas Newson – Pallaroid Original Mix Vlad Rusu – Ampato Original Mix Afrojack – Rocker Original Mix I even wants to make me jump.


SoundCloud Tony Romera Stardust. He really worked hard on it which makes this song Number 6. Stream my new EP, Mosaic on Spotify: Drkarta Klosman on SoundCloud! Its nice to see him finally trying something different.

Drakarta (Original Mix)

I love the melody to this song. Want to see more posts tagged tony romera? He really got creative on the melody. I can see origijal two duet with each other. Tony Romera mp3 download External image. These people should be working along Alesso right now because everything they do is perfect and executed well.