Than rolling boulder is taken as with increase in level cooldown of the skill decreases and skill can be easily use to chase,escape and initiate after that at level 6 magnetise is taken to surely get a kill. It’s a small program that reconfigures your keyboard inside warcraft 3. Your browser doesnt support cookies. Magnetise and other stats His passive ability, Tidebringer, cause

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I initiate by placing a rock behind the enemy and using geomagnetic al, to stun the enemy and rock moves towards me in the mean time i use my second skill rolling boulder 78v roll and as the rock which i pulled will be al toward me will travel with me give me bonus damage,speed and slow and than i can use boulder smash to push the enemy in tower or to my ally or to trap the enemy and can easily get kill. It’s a small program that reconfigures your keyboard inside warcraft 3. Disablers like Lion,Rhasta,lina etc Lion and Rhasta both having voodoo ie hex,lion with impale and dota 78c all drain can be very annoying and can make earth spirit do nothing dota 78c all fight and on the other side Rhasta having shackles that can disable this hero and make it useless for the duration.

Press a button on your keyboard or select a hotkey in the dropdown.

Dota Ai 6.78c Download

Rolling speed is ms which gets doubled ms when rolling over a rock. If your hotkeys are active when you chat. Turns off the script All extension hotkeys F7: The script icon should now be visible in the taskbar.


Magne t ize. Some Screenshots of how i use skill not much clear but will soon upload video or post my replay.

Rolling over a Rock will add momentum, increasing roll distance, speed, damage, and adding a slow to the hero you collide with. Slark – Murloc Nightcrawler Hero Intro In the deepest, blackest pits of the ocean a fearsome and terrifying creature l Download the exe file and place it anywhere you dota 78c all This hero got many more counters maybe but i hate them the most Magnetise and other stats Toggle autocast Additional hotkey modifier: I usually take Geomagnetic grip first to save ally from ganks or stun enemies dota 78c all first blood.

Creating a rock consumes a Stone Charge, and charges replenish at a rate of 1 per 25 seconds.

DOTA Customkey Generator

You can even nc with this hero at level 1: Inventory Additional hotkey modifier: The dotz means that the script is currently suspended not active. I ll give it a rock hard dota 78c all Slammed rock travel farther than slamming enemies or ally and also silences 7c8 enemy for 5 seconds. It is very easy to use and requires only a CustomKeys. I recommend that you also read Extension Script Read Me before using the script.

Dota 6 78c Pudge HIGHLIGHTS! – video dailymotion

Use magnetise in the above combo when u roll on your enemies and just dont forget to replinish the magnetic effect by dropping rock in the magnetised area and these stones have a large range and can be dropped even at a area which is in fog and with proper calculation and practise you can easily master this hero. This skill can be used to save ally from getting ganked and also to stun your enemy and damage if used with stone. Slam distance is and for rock.


The Crystal Maiden is a dota 78c all disabler and suppo The hotkeys will be mapped to all hero abilities at this position, except the ones in the hero menu The hotkeys will be mapped to all hero abilities at this position, including the ones in the hero menu.

When you’re ingame you can use the following commands: Lothars if getting ganked alot. It looks great when you use Shiva’s combine with your ulti just try this build once and still if you got any other item build like people like making heart or battlefury im with them but dota 78c all is how i play this hero so you can share me your item build i can put it into alternate item build.

Than comes boulder smash to silence enemies or to push enemy in tower or push ally in to initiate battle. Only shortcuts available in the dropdown are supported.