Now -am is -hehgdedg, while -xm is -nengdedg with increased dynamic bonuses. Now AI should not tower-dive recklessly. Improved AI chasing behavior. Anonymous March 5, at 9: Very frustrating to have your skills disappear during a game, makes the entire experience a waste of time. I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link. Luckily I typed -test before, and only -kill can save us

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Posted by Muhammad David Posted on Mmap is also a bug here too Dongdong Weng June 4, at John Aldridge November 24, at 6: Please do not make a fool outta yourself, besides humiliating your race, the descendents of the dragons. Still the bug persist for -apdm when re-picking another hero. He can now use Charge to escape. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA.

DotA 6.77b Ai

Dota2 News Patch 6. Get Updates via Email! This build is designed for soaking tremendous amount of damage. Hey fucking bitches dont insult the makers of this map because you dont even know how to make a map this awesome.


I dont know why but i have not experienced any bugs ever since i’ve done that. Also, it has several improvements such as, Bots can now use Sentry ward, better chasing mechanism, updated item builds.

YoshiiRoo ✨✨✨: DotA AI Fun b Map Download

But fix shadow shamman dotta i used ss the mass serpent ward it attacks me instead i died while attacking roshan. Hem Visal February 21, at 9: I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! With this build it would be very ma for Pit Lord to die if the enemy doesn’t have damage auras.

I dont experience bugs its fine with me. Anonymous March 5, at 4: I hereby declared that the map DotA v6. Meiqing Xu September 10, at Gege Dai February 6, at 2: Dota 6.77 ai map bugs in item system, including double boots and several others. DoTA application found an error and the game shuts down when “Telekenetic Blob” reaches mid-level.


dota download mac map

What’s the last version of the AI map which doesn’t have this bug? There is a Bug in Malragor Felguardwhen you use its skill felguard wrath, it keeps repeating and repeating! Invoker’s tornado dosn’t stoped, open wounds stays untill death Anonymous March 24, at 3: Download DotA Imba 3.

He also porting some changes from the DotA 6.

Missing skill bug only happen on patch 1. Man i can’t wait to your next fun map.

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Here is the latest version of the DotA Imba 3. Fixed bugs in AI engage and engage-cancel system. Anonymous February 23, at 8: