SeqMan Pro lets you assemble sequences from numerous file formats , including trace data from automated sequencers, DNA Multi-seq. Thanks in advance Neha Last edited by neha; at Click here to register now , and join the discussion. By contrast, SeqMan Pro enables you to assemble fragment data from small-scale sequencing projects up to tens of thousands of fragments. In general, the Pro assembler should be used when your data: Once you have selected the options you want, click the Assemble button to activate all of the trimming, assembly and consensus calling options you selected.

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Hey Austic, No issues. Find More Posts by neha. Actually this is my first assembly using this software so getting confused in the interpretation of the results.

SeqMan Pro is both a sequence assembler and editor for small scale sequence assemblies plasmids, PCR products, etc. You may also evaluate putative variants identified by SeqMan Pro. I also converted the. All times are GMT As with all SeqMan Pro dnaastaryou may select dnastar seqman of these assemblers as your default assembly method.

SeqMan Pro Overview

Send a dnastar seqman message to ECO. Find More Posts by Kashliks. Once you have selected the dnastar seqman you want, click the Assemble button to activate all of the trimming, assembly and consensus calling options you selected. This method is so effective that it reduces the depth of coverage needed for accurate sequence determination, yielding spectacular savings in time and effort.


I have downloaded it and installed it properly. According to publications there must be around k SNP in human exome.

In general, the Pro assembler should be used when your data: Seqman Leaves most of the reads unaligned. However I did see a note in the help manual that you may have to manually dnnastar the assembly.

SeqMan Pro removes unreliable data, dnaztar poor quality ends, sub-minimal length reads, and vector and contamination host sequences in a single pass, then assembles the trimmed data and calls the consensus.

Dnastar seqman time now is Send a private message to neha. Dnastar seqman am thinking of looking at all trio at once in order to catch new SNPs in child – most likely fakes.

Dnasrar example, in this site http: Send a private message to austic. Send a private message to duck I dnastar seqman that you can contact DNASTAR and they will schedule a training session webinar for you where they walk you through the process, hopefully they can help you with the assembly portion. Although my data was generated on a Roche platform and that particular technology has difficulty with homopolymeric repeat regions so there is usually an abundance of Indels that are not actually present in the sample.


These options include trimming poor-quality data manually or automatically, removing specific vector or seqqman sequences, and identifying repetitive sequences so that they will be added last during assembly.

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You are currently viewing the SEQanswers forums as a guest, which limits your access. If coverage seems unsatisfactory, you can add more sequences and reassembleor you can use the primer walking feature to drive the closure dnastar seqman gaps or to fill in low coverage areas.

Neha, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I have no experience using the de novo assembly. I tried the way you have suggested but still I am not able to do assembly.

DNASTAR SeqMan NGen3 – SEQanswers

Within SeqMan Pro, you can analyze the consensus, features, and other components using a wide range of views and reports. I am still getting the dnastar seqman erroe that assembly was not successful.

Any thoughts and comments on these parameters? If you prefer to assemble certain groups of sequences separately, use the Dnawtar in Groups option. I’m going to go ahead and guess that you could call the company and ask them?