So I’m just going to keep it simple, working, and available. There are other options besides the “A ” mentioned, like for example: Carnagecjb Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Create yourself a Hirens boot disk or two. I was able to use a Rufus created bootable USB stick in the past. I’m thinking about making one with the “Hard Drive Emulation” option to give me more run to work.

dlgdiag iso

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Mon Sep 09, Aug 11, Posts: Use the login info below.

Bootable CD for WD Data Lifeguard for SATA CDROM drives

Fri Aug 09, You should check your BIOS settings too. Very cool I thought View image: Ace Ars Praefectus Tribus: Thread bump for new version Ace has updated the ISO to version 1.

dlgdiag iso

Jun 27, Posts: An updated Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool was recently published at WDC website, so the tool included in the latest ubcd has to be updated for the next edition. Sun Aug 11, 4: This suggests that the problem is not so much related to the specific HDD, but to the controller.


Bootable CD Hard Drive Utilities images for WD and Maxtor – Ars Technica OpenForum

Jun 29, Posts: If the controller’s compatibility is the problem, there is nothing UBCD can do to resolve that Again, it could be interesting for other users if you could report back your findings. Minerva66 1 minute ago. Do you need a dedicated partition?

There are other options besides the “A ” mentioned, like for example: Create yourself a Hirens boot disk or two. Additionally, you mentioned that 2 out of 8 HDD’s had problems. Though I have no idea how. Jun 2, 22 0 18, 1. I’ve decided to attempt to permanently host bootable CD images of dlggdiag most common hard drive manufacturer’s utilities.

Download Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools – MajorGeeks

They are in a protected folder on the server. Hopefully, this can help a few Arsians, at least. The business card CD idea is pretty isp X Donate Contact us. Fri Aug 09, 2: If the above ideas are impossible, what do people suggest for diagnosing WD hard drive problems when the system won’t boot into Windows?


dlgdiag iso

I’ll put the ARS username back in tomorrow. So, you should try: Just a small offering to the Ars community. Astralv 2 minutes ago.

This may point to some other problem, maybe when the Isso were transported or something else. Copy all the files in c: What motherbd do you have and which port is the optical drive connected to?

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