Now that his 5 year contract has been finalised, with a view to returning to his independent roots, and with fan-oriented loyalty in mind, as he always wants it, Diyar Pala continues to create musical and visual projects, with the fans and the art, at the forefront of his creations… Description provided by artist representative. In , Diyar launched his debut album “Yeni Bir Flow” which proved popular among young Turkish audiences throughout Turkey and Europe. Diyar saw an opportunity and applied. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Please check your email.

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The music and sounds from his travels became some of his musical influences and methods to guide his own sound. Close Your Playlist This is a collection of all of the songs you have added to your playlist. Inthe American Billboard Magazine gave Diyar Pala 8th yapaa in the category of independent artists worldwide. It looks like your cookies are disabled.

Diyar Pala – Bensiz Yapma

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As a young boy Pala grew up aware of the struggle of being caught between two different cultures shaping his identity. We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience.


His parents had come to the UK as immigrants looking japama better opportunities due to poor living standards in their native land.

Diyar faced difficulties finding stability throughout his childhood. Looks like you have flash plugin disabled. No results found Try again. There he learnt about Islam and due to his brilliant vocal skills, he was asked to be a Muezzin the person appointed at a mosque to give the call to prayer. At that time, he was deeply in to films and TV. Looks like you’re not logged in to add favorites! Bana Ne Diyar Pala 1.

Enter your email Send. Scroll down to browse more artists. He completed his first year of studies diyar pala bensiz yapama soon after dropped out as the course no longer appealed to him, so he continued to search for other options. Now you’ll be notified when the room goes live! Diyar took vital steps towards building his music career; he traveled to Izmir, Turkey where he met underground rappers and producers. New Password Please choose a new password. In Diyar Pala was the first child born to a Turkish family who had recently immigrated to England.

Diyar Pala who thoroughly enjoys nothing more than diyar pala bensiz yapama independent underground music, after tackling some bensizz decisions as to his career path, accepted one of these offers with the intention of providing creative and strong artistic works for his fans yapwma. The energy they started with soon died away, but year down the line Diyar had started working on his own material after he decided going solo.


He began writing songs drawing on personal aspects of his life and thoughts, his lyrics detailing his experiences, and his views on issues he felt people of his generation could relate to. Yeni Bir Flow Diyar Pala 1. Instructions to verify your account have been sent Done. Diyar saw an opportunity and applied.

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Download the Mideast Tunes app for more great features! After signing a 5 year deal, Diyar Pala handed over both his recordings and his publication rights to the diyar pala bensiz yapama company in question. Aleyna Tilki Emrah Karaduman 1. At the Islamic boarding school, Diyar developed vocal skills with the classical Islamic Tajwid recitation ;ala and used to perform Adhaan call to prayer from the village mosque.

Growing up in a multicultural community his interest in cultures led him on journeys to Holland, Egypt, Thailand and Japan. Throughout his youth he developed an interest in the creative field and begun to explore these appearing in small roles in film and TV. During this time, he also studied Drama at City and Islington College where he developed his acting skills.